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01/19/2008 11:42 AM

If you have back pain this will help READ

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Well I was on google oe day in so much pain my back is a serious problem to me it limits a lot of things I do but I found a site that has a natral remedy that can stop the pain so I ordered the remedy and when I took it my pain was gone in one week and I have been taking this every since then. If you're interested in the product, please send me a PM, and I'll give you the website.

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02/23/2008 05:21 PM
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How long have you been an affiliate with them bubba?

07/13/2008 03:33 PM

I havent ever used an online pharmacy. Tramadol is only $4 at Target and Walmart, and $10 for a 90 day supply. So I think that is my best bet.

Bubba, I dont mind you posting the url for the treatment that has helped you, but please do not try to sell it here on the website. There are strict rules on mdjuction about that. THanks!

06/10/2009 06:50 PM
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Welcome to the forum, and thanks for the link. Great info, and I think a lot of people can really benefit by it! I don't think it's going to help some of us here who have been injured by slips and falls or anything genetic, but it definitely can help to prevent further injury. Great idea, and thanks for posting it.


jen Smile


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