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04/12/2009 10:20 AM

Hi, new here

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Hi, I have double spinal injury, arthritis in spine, severe pain from this, first injury waqs caused back in 1974 when i was a mere school girl, i was thrown down some stairs, caused 3 fractures to spine, i went to the hospital days after it happened when it became impossible to move hardly, (parents wouldnt take me or help), seconf accident was in 1988, i climbed on to kitchen worktop to get gravy out cupboard, when i went to get down i only got foot on very edge of stool, this tipped i fell, landed in sitting postion, i hit floor (concrete) so hard i bounced up n flipped over, this smashed my coxxyc (sorry cant spell it) i also got the knife i was holding stabbed into my stomach, i was at the time in the house alone, hubby had taken daughter to shops, i crawled from kitchen to living room, (no memory of this) lay on floor till hubby came home n found me, i was in pool blood, i was then in wheelchair 8 mths, i refused surgery at time of accident because i was pregnant, now i live on painkillers, and in constant pain, surgery no longer an option, the damage is done, the smashed chunks of bone welded into a big lump at base my spine,

well thats my story......



04/13/2009 03:04 PM
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WELCOME.I am a newbee as well. It can be very rough. I have to lay down every day so I can function for the rest. I also posted so you can read my can see I posted when in a lot of pain!!




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