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12/31/2008 10:51 AM



Christmas is over

The tree and decorations are down

The champagne is chilled

A single glass is waiting to be filled

I sit and reminisce about the events of '08

Good memories, bad memories

Love, pain, and heartbreak

At 12 pm sharp

I'll open the door

Say goodbye to '08

Kick it's ass out the door

Holding the door open

I invite in a new friend

Welcome '09

Pleased to meet you

Do come in

To my friends on MDJ

Old ones, new one

Those I have yet to meet

I am so grateful to know you

To love you

You make my heart beat

I cherish each and every one of you

The meek and the bold

You have added so much to my life

Enriched me

Enlightened me

To you I behold

Cheers everyone! I hope you have a safe and happy New Year. May '09 be filled with healing and friendships and dreams to come true.

Love you all!



12/31/2008 03:25 PM
Posts: 3450
Group Leader
I'm an Advocate

Cheers, Camey! Well said, Sharone.

01/03/2009 08:47 PM
markmPosts: 722
Senior Member

Very nice, thank you for that. Smile, im soo new here but i hope the same for everyone, but ill be dreading 09 fer sure.

01/03/2009 10:38 PM

Why dreading '09? Anything can happen in '09. Lots of good things are coming your way! I always live in hopes that each new year will be better than the last. Hasn't worked out that way but I can always hope!!

01/04/2009 09:04 AM
markmPosts: 722
Senior Member

Yes Ill try to be upbeat, Smile,Maybe things will get better ,You are nice people so, things are already better!I look foward to coming here now Smile.U may find i post a lil too much lol.

01/04/2009 01:08 PM

Laughing You can never post too much!!! Tongue We need people like you here so I'm talking to myself...It makes me look rather foolish!Silly

Have you seen the DVD or read the book, The Secret? If you believe something will happen, good or bad, it will happen. So, if you say, 2009 is the best year of my life!...then it will be. Just keep saying it like it already is!! Think of what you wish for then tell yourself often that it is...that it has already happened, and it will. It has been proven to throw your positive thoughts out into the universe or turn them over to your higher power, and things good will happen. Just never use negativity! Blink

Today is an awesome day!!!



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