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01/29/2010 01:08 PM

focalin(sp?) any experience

proudmom1225Posts: 124

Just curious to hear if anyother kiddos out there are on focalin and what effects(positive or negative) you have noticed from it.

I am trying to determine if all these new behaviors are due to the drug or something else.

Any input would be helpfulKissing


01/29/2010 04:45 PM

What behaviors are you having?

My son has been on Focalin XR 15mg for the past year. We really like it alot. Adderall had the best effect, but it really killed the appetite.


02/03/2010 06:34 PM
proudmom1225Posts: 124

It has defenitely inhibited his appetite but he is a good eater in general and he doesn't get the medication in the evening or weekends so we make it up then. On a positive side he seems more fluent in his speech, more aware of his surroundings, more able to have a short back and forth conversation without changing the subject, and the ability to contain his agressive urges and play normally with his brother. I think all of this makes up for a lot of negatives if it is all because of the drug. He seems to have a pretty bad "crash" when the 3 hours is up. He gets very whiny and unable to tolerate anything. I have the dosing set up so he gets through his day at school and then comes home with his "crash" attitude. I geuss I am more curious about the positive behaviors. I am more than willing to put up with the negatives if all these positives can be attributed to the medication.

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