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05/15/2009 10:20 AM

trans. to highschool....with autism

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hi my name is jennifer and i have a daughter with autism...she is high functioning,social and loves to go to school. she has been diagnosed with aspergers with pdd nos..she has a severe learning delay. i am having a huge problem with the school district and where they want to send her. the program is a life skills program which is great but she is going to be with children with some severe mental disorders and just doesnt fit(if u knew her u would know what i mean)..the children in this group can not help themselves at all...its not a fit for my child who is preety independant other for some things like shopping,cooking, ...any advice of what to do when the schools do not want to budge?? she needs to be around peers she can pick up normal behavior other than some behaviors we kicked already!!..

05/15/2009 10:32 AM


I am called shell, I am a mum/mom to 6 four have autism.

I also have autism.

I am a bit confused about your childs diagnosis how can they diagnose PDD/nos and AS PDD is the catogory and autism,AS pdd/nos cdc and retts are sub catogories of PDD,

why are other children with more severe difficulties not fit to be with your child.being with normal people has you put it will not make her normal in any way nothing on this world can ever do that bt they are right she does need to learn the differant social etequette of the playground and mimicing others will only take her so far, it will not instill social skills into her it mereley gives her a bridge to walk .

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05/15/2009 05:35 PM
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i did not say that they r not fit to be with her!!!! i simply stated my daughter is very social and has a tendancy to pick up behaviors around her. she needs to be with children that can talk and function. the children in the group can not perform daily things that are needed to function. as u must know austism has not one diagnosis...a child may exhibit symptoms of various types thats why no one yet realy knows how it all comes about. each child has very speficic different one case is the same! a child can have asbergers and have pdd nos tendancies....the spectrum is soooooo broad. i as well as her pediatrician and teachers of pst have all agreed that a more suitable program is needed for her not to regress, she needs to be challenged. all i wanted to do was ask some advice from parents if they new of or know of any programs just geared toward our thank you for you input but was not putting anyone group down just looking out for my childs and future childrens needs!!!!!!

05/15/2009 06:51 PM

Does your daughter have an IEP? Is the living skills something that everyone at the school needs to take? Is it a program she can opt out of?

05/15/2009 11:30 PM

I apologise I must have read it wrong again lol

I was put through mainstream and though it was the best for me it was very dificult.

I had learn social cues ,body language and facial expression to match.

I used to tape converstaios and go through them to get my timing right,lol it was probabbly really funny from an outsiders point of view,

What i was trying to say is that I needed both sets of peopl people who I could copy and learn from and those who also odd that knew the issus of being differant.

05/15/2009 11:42 PM


I have pm you with an apology I hope we can start

05/16/2009 12:08 AM
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I understand what you mean. I opted not to tell my sons school about his diagnosis. For that same reason. I did not want him put in an Autistic classroom. He has the tendencie to mimic everything, get really freaked out if another child has a meltdown and is a follower. So for him that was not the best setting. He is in Special Ed with an IEP. We are hoping that by the time he goes into Kinder. he can be mainstreamed. I really hope you find a happy medium. And get what is best for your daughters needs.Wink

05/16/2009 04:17 AM
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jlc123wpl [Jennifer], Have you visited the classroom that the school is suggesting [life skills]? Is it going to be her homeroom, and she still will rotate into other classrooms and peer sets?

I am transitioning my son to a new school and classroom right now in anticipation of the Fall class change. I was anxious about the recommendation, for me, going to see the classroom helped...we had a follow-up meeting and I made my case for what I thought my child needed in order to transition, and I told them that I was willing to send him...but with some extra time now spent in the classroom to acclimate to the teacher and the setting.

Hang in there. Consider getting an advocate to help you with the IEP meeting and asserting your child's needs.

05/31/2009 08:56 AM
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All you can do is what you feel deep down is right for your daughter and don't let anyone tell you otherwise! I have problems sometimes with my daughters school(she's only 5, though) and I always either flat-out tell them 'NO!' when I don't agree with something or I just go around them.

I wish you and your daughter much good karma and warm wishes for whatever you finally decide.


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