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04/14/2009 02:37 PM

Just really MAD!!


Hello everyone I haven't been around in awhile just been busy with life and other stuff. Well I guess I will start by telling everyone that I took Ian to the doctor back in Nov. since then I have been told that it would be a six month wait on getting him tested. Well I just found that strange that they wouldn't at least call and tell me when my appt. would be. Well after just getting the run around I got my husband to call and he got the number to the place that we are having him tested at and they tell us that they droped his case back in December! Can you beleive that!!!!!! They said that his doctor did not send all the forms!!

I am so mad you would think that someone would at least call and say hey we are going to drop your case if we don't get all the forms. So anyways my husband called Ian's doctor back and the said that they did send all the forms but they would resend them. This time we are going to stay on top of it and just not listen when they say something about a 6 month wait.

Since then Ian seems to be getting worse there are days that his teacher says he just sits there with pencil in hand and does nothing. Then he has to bring home all this work. He also is doing terrible when he does do his work I haven't see a paper better then a C most of the time it is D's and F's.

His reading at times is oh so bad somedays it is like he dosn't even know how to read and then somedays he does fine. It is always back and forth with him. I just don't know. I don't know if he should repeat the 1st grade or what we should do.


04/14/2009 02:43 PM
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Heck , try getting copies of everything and hand deliver it yourself. Then they have no excuses

04/14/2009 02:47 PM

Hi I am shell I am a mummy to 6 four have autism,

I also have autism.

For me school was difficult organization was always an issue,

Some bad days I could do nothing my mind and body just would not cooperate,then having to combine the many skills to sitting and doing work.

To a normal person you just pick it up and write however with me I have to go through the full process

1)block out everything else in order to process

2)pick up pencil

3)touch the paper with it

4)make words appear

5)remeber what to write

remember which letters are in the word

I would ask that the task needed doing be broken down into smaller segmants for example

If you wanted someone to lay the table you would first have to teach how to open the cupboard once that is learnt the next step then the next.

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04/14/2009 03:00 PM
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Good point. Step by step may be in order

04/18/2009 09:28 AM
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You know what, I think you need to get really tough about this. Call your doctor every day until you KNOW he has sent the forms, call the testing center every single day and see if something sooner has opened up. Make sure they have your name written down so they know to call you FIRST with the next available appointment, tell them that you only need an few hours advance notice if thats what it takes to get him in.

You can do it! The squeeky wheel gets the oil!


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