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04/07/2009 12:11 PM

teeth grinding


Hi. Does anyone have a child (ASD or non) that grinds his/her teeth during the day? I know about adults that grind at night from stress, but my son only grinds during the day. I have asked pediatricians, dentists, and therapists and none can give me an answer as to the cause (Autism? sensory processing disorder? or a completely independent issue not related to Autism?) I have been told not to worry b/c his baby teeth will fall out anyway- what a great dentist that was!Sad or lots of kids grind their teeth and he will get over it- try some chewy foods, gum or OT mouth therapy products-none of that has helped. His permanent teeth are starting to come in and I know he must have jaw problems from this. I'm worried that it will affect how his permanent teeth come in- not to mention the damage he will do if he grinds on them! I am so worried about it and nobody can give me any answers. None of the professionals I have asked even think it's a big deal. He does it sometimes more than others and I can't see a pattern to it to figure out a possible trigger. Does anybody know about cause or prevention?

I'm very worried and I have to find an ansswer ASAP.



04/07/2009 12:23 PM

stimming comes in all forms and that is one of them.

It could also be sensory

I did it with tooth paste it feels like sand paper and stays that way I also bit my bottom lip sometimes till it bleeds..

It could also be enjoyment, the sound, feeling,and moving of clicking of the jaw its sometimes nice.

he will have is own reasons for doing them,for me I stay with a stim until I find a better one/

04/07/2009 01:36 PM

I thought it was probably stimming too, but when I asked my concerns were not taken very seriously. It could either be the deep pressure he is seeking or the sound (it makes a really loud noise between a crunching sound and a squeak.) I don't know how much he does it at school, but at home it can happen when he is really happy and engaged (on the computer or playing Wii) or if he is really agitated. Maybe it's overstimulation of one form or another as he will do it in spurts, not all the time.


04/07/2009 04:21 PM
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Have you thought about an athletic bite-guard, they come in bright neon colors too. Could be an accessory used with the Wii or computer. I am thinking out of the box here...just trying to come up with something. You know him best and what he has going for him. My son also grinds, but not as often or sustained as it sounds like your son is doing. I have also tried OT sensory chewies and my youngest does not go for them either, go figure... If you can find a texture that he will chew instead of grinding, then that is a window but it may be something really hard, like plastic. My little guy likes to chew on tops of plastic bottles, and plastic tubes [similiar to toothpaste tubes], I take them away from him all the time...I never considered that it was a better option than grinding. I might get some plastic cutting board for my little guy and cut out some rings or letters to see if he'll chew those instead of bottles...maybe I can channel him toward an alternative. I hope there is something in my rambling that is of some value. Best to you.

04/07/2009 11:11 PM

stimming is not a constant hun,

I do not stim constantly nor my children,usally stimming is caused through anxiety,excitment,anger,frustration etc

04/07/2009 11:25 PM

the problem with stimming is we have to learn to adapt them and undertsnad where it is safe to do them.My stims has a child were horrific and because of ridicule I had to adapt them or do them in private.

Stimming is need it has to be done stopping them all together will cause no end of problems.

Even normal people stim,playing with hair while talking,tapping a pen while working,biting nails, shaking legs all sorts.

04/07/2009 11:37 PM

04/07/2009 11:44 PM

04/08/2009 03:37 AM
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Spectrummum I agree stimming is different for each individual. I agree that stimming serves a purpose and has a correlation to the individual's sensory processing and/or coping. I have my experience with my son's grinding and chewing...just trying to extrapolate a rationale to explore options for this thread and my benefit too. In all ways I am trying to preserve kingmom's posted info that her sons grinding feels extreme to son's does not feel that way.

04/08/2009 03:45 AM

Yes hun

We all have our own resons for doing them all will not do as one.

I am sorry if I said anything that offended you I cannot see anything within my post though.if you tell me where I went wrong I will delete it



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