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01/07/2012 06:59 AM

Autism and starting pre school

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My grandson, Phillip, is in a special pre school for autistic children. Phillip was diagnosed at 2. He will be 4 in April. I know pre school is helping him but getting him there is a real job. We are trying to get him to ride the bus but he never wants to get on it. Once we get him to school he will stop crying after a few minutes but the problem seems to be the trip, (either in the car or on the bus). We have tried buying small toys to give him every day to keep his intrest for the trip but that hasnt seemed to help. Phillips sensory issues are pretty bad. He now has a cuddle swing in his room to try to help him stay calm but he still doesnt want to board the bus. Any suggestions will be very helpful. Thanks!

01/09/2012 02:32 PM
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Wow, this is a good one. My son is the same. He will be starting preschool this month and I'm not sure if I'm even going to try getting him to ride the bus because I know that I will have the same issue as you are having right now. Will the driver allow him to have his favorite snack if he gets on the bus or does he like stickers for when he does a good job? I know with Christopher praise goes a long way and he loves any kind of recognition when he is doing a good job. Maybe you could try 1st place ribbons at the end of the week when he rides the bus everyday, 2nd if he misses a day and so on so he always gets rewarded for each day he rides. Or a accomplishment board that he can put stars on the day he rides the bus so that he is involved in the process and praise?

Good luck!



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