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07/06/2011 08:36 AM

Anyone else have to give there young one meds?(page 2)

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I know how you are feeling. My son is now 4. I had the hardest time getting a diagnosis. I knew he was autistic but it was like no one wanted to help him. You need the LABEL to get the help. Logan was 3 when he finally potty trained. He was very scared of the toliet. He didn't feel stable on the potty. He actually sits backwards on the toliet facing the wall. You could try that and see if he feels more stable. Since your son is 3 have you contacted your school system to get him enrolled in school. From most people I have talked to you can get your son in school already because of the delay and he doesn't even need to have a diagnosis. Logan didn't talk until he started school and speech. Now even though its hard to understand him all the time he is doing great. The interaction and the structure would be really good for him too. Now for the medication. I have talked to my doctor about it and they told me that the adhd is basically a result of the Autism. She said that the side effects can sometimes out weigh the help. I have yet to put him on medicine but he has become so physically strong that it scares me. He has become mad and actually hit the walls and scream so loud. I hope this helps. Life is hard but just remember he needs you!

07/06/2011 09:30 AM

susannahg - have you tried any weighted blankets or a mini-trampoline to help her ground better with her senory issues? Can she go somewhere and swing to help with some deep compression?

07/09/2011 05:30 AM
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Hi rannai sounds like you have your hands full. He might have both ADHD and Autisum like my two kids. My four yr old is also having a hard time with the bathroom, but just be strong and dont give up. My daughter would never go to the bathroom without a fight,but i just kept trying and trying of different things i can do to get her to go. I give her stickers and magic dora gems lol little candy drops Smile But it works!!! If you dont feel like you have a proper diagnosis then keep trying.Try and make more appointments see more doctors. That is what i had to do, just take one day at a time dont give up, stay strong you can do this.

07/12/2011 07:26 PM
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3/4ths of my children are on meds multiple times daily. My 12yo son has severe anxiety ADD and depression. With out meds he'll have daily panic attacks IBS and can't get out of bed. My 10yo daughter is on the spectrum has ODD ADD OCD anxiety total lack of social skills and severe sensory issues. Without meds she's totally uncontrolable, mean, shouts, pushes kicks and is violent. My 7yo son is also on the spectrum has severe ADHD anxiety lack of social skills sensory issues and aggression. Without meds he's uncontrolable. He runs (paces) constantly, kicks, yells, and is violent.

If meds help use them. If you don't think it's time, please wait! GL


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