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05/17/2007 04:38 AM

Spinning objects

SicaPosts: 18
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My grandson is 7 months old right now and I feel something is not right. I can't tell if I'm paranoid or not, because my oldest son was a nightmare (autism, ADHD, violence) so I'm watching now for every sign (the grandson is from my daughter, not my son, but who knows, maybe it runs in the family).

In brief, Barry, my grandson, doesn't make eye contact at all, doesn't respond to us, doesn't ever smile and... doesn't really do anything except for spinning objects. This is his only pleasure, and his only activity. Anything he can spin, he spins. That's all.

I'm not sure if it's not too early to be concerned, or if I'm too stressed from what I've been through with my son, but my intuition says something is wrong.

The pediatrician said everything is fine, not to worry, and it's too early anyway to spot for signs. But he sees him every two weeks, while I'm with him daily. Plus, I know how children this age should behave, and he just doesn't act like a normal baby.

Ideas, experiences, anybody?

It would be horrible to have it repeat all over again. I just don't know if I can handle it anymore.


07/31/2007 04:20 PM


i think you should seek advice for your grandson.

Though a normal child does enjoy spinning themselves and objects they dont do it to exclude all else

My son is still obsessed with spinning things and watches the washer and dryer for hours at a time and that is most deffanatly not normal

Hope this helps a little

love shell

08/03/2007 10:34 PM
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I would seriously be concerned. My son was just diagnosed with autism at 13 1/2 months, but I did see a few traits back that far. The first was spinning objects/wheels at an early age. We thought (and still do at times) that it was very cute. Now, we see it was a clue as to what was going on with him. Our pediatrician saw nothing wrong early on either. In fact, we went around her, and saw a pediatric neurologist who somewhat specializes in autism. I certainly hope for your family that this is not the case. Even though these children are lovely kids, it can be SO stressful trying to work with the medical aspects, the therapy, emotions, etc. I wish you good luck!

08/06/2007 03:33 PM
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You may want to seek another opinion and encourage your daughter to get a diagnosis as early as possible! Then he can begin early intervention therapies and really progress further than if a diagnosis is made later and these services can't be started right away. Best of luck!

08/09/2007 03:46 PM
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I would also push for early intervention, with a history of Autism in the family it is a real possibility and the earlier you start intervention the better.

I knew my children were 'not right' from birth, everything was just wrong and their behaviour strange. by a few weeks old we had the first real clue that they were autistic and by a few months old I was pushing for diagnosis.

If you have been their before trust what you are feeling and push forward, don't let people tell you no, make them listen and make them give your grandson the help he needs now.

Laura x

10/02/2007 10:09 AM
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Ever since I could have a thing that spun in my hand, I was. I saw a video of myself when I was younger...My parents were calling my name two feet away from me or 1 actually and even patting me on the back and I kept watching the toy ball spin on a handle...and kept spinning it, etc. I would do that for an hour and other toys a little different that you press down and watch things spin, I would be doing it again and again. And I wouldn't respond to anything else.


10/23/2007 09:37 PM
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What's happened since your last post here?

My son used to spin pots and pans tops at age 2to3 if I remember right. He loved it but my husband didn't... they were a christmas present, new and expensive for us. lol


11/04/2007 10:08 AM
Posts: 149

Hi, I've been posting in the other pages and the threads I've started too. Yes, spinning the popcorn cans, lol.... Mine was toys that had a ball that even babies like to hit and watch spin. I still have lots of tops things, etc. and get stuck on fans if I'm out somewhere (when I wasn't sick) but even when my band director had to get me back on track. I sat right next to him and he'd tap me with his directors stick on the head to re-focus me (really light Smile )



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