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08/08/2010 08:00 PM

Medicaid law and ABA

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When my son Avery was diagnosed in April the doctor stated in the report that it was “critically important” my son Avery receive at least 20 hours per week of intense behavioral therapy to address some of the issues caused by his disabilities. The doctor also stated under the Early Periodic Screening Diagnosis and Treatment provision of the Medicaid Act that Medicaid recipients under the age of 21 be provided with all health care necessary to “correct or ameliorate physical and mental illnesses and conditions”. My son is covered under AZ Long Term Care and DDD but his support coordinator has told me he does not qualify for the HAB-M program (ABA/intense behavioral therapy program) because he is over the age of three. Which sounds ridiculous to me. Wouldn't AZ rather help him while he is young than him need more help later? I am sorry but I feel this goes directly against the EPSDT provision of the Medicaid Act. Am I wrong in my assumption?


08/09/2010 03:40 AM
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You might want to try filing a suit under the ADA

08/09/2010 04:57 PM
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OMG that is nuts! Who gave you that information? My son Sam is 4 1/2 years old and just finished his evaluation for HAB-M. I was told that it is rare for a child over the age of 3 to qualify for HAB-M but my son was able to get it.

I'm sending you a PM.


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