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02/06/2012 08:28 PM

Funny Moments


I just made an observation about myself today. I tend to listen to the same songs on my car CD player almost everyday. I would play the same songs when I drive. It never occurs to me to change the CD. And if I listen to the radio, I only listen to a few particular radio stations and I listen to it depending on the time, who the DJ host are/is and what show is on. Like clockwork, I have been doing that for months now since last year. Probably at least 3-4 months.

I also noticed that when I was in six grade til college, the only CD I listened to was my Melissa Ethridge collection. I listened to other singers and groups on the radio, but if I was at home and I had my CD player on, I just kept playing and re-playing her songs. And this went on for years! That's six and seventh grade, 4 years of high school and another 4 years of college. That's 10 years of listening to only one singer/song writer! Wow! Talk about focusing my attention on one particular subject or in this case, genre and singer!

I also noticed that I tend to over-think things too much which is easy to fall into when you deal with depression and anxiety. But in my case, there is a twist. In order for me to do things, I approach it either my doing research on the material or I learn it from somebody. Either way, I approach problems and issues in my life in a very textbook manner. To understand inter-relationships, I rely on the communication theories I learned in school. I conducted social experiments when I was trying to work on self-improvement. I would deal with things like a scientist, actually making inferences, writing down my observations, testing my insecurities through a social experiment of some sort, recording my findings, analyzing my data and then formulating a conclusion to my "little exercise." I did that when I was trying to sleep earlier and wake up earlier. I did that to conquer my fear of doing the dishes! I did that when I wanted to learn how to talk with people. I'm a member of Toastmaster, in my "acadmic effort" to learn to talk to people in groups! Somehow, I understand life and the world in an acadmic structure and perspective.

This weekend, I observed my son acting in the same manner. We teach him the concept "If you choose your behavior, you choose your consequence." We explain in detail what that means. We explain that every thing you say and do, there is a consequence and it always affects the people around you. You will always get a reaction. Sometimes the reaction is positive and good, other times it is not the reaction you may want but you will get a reaction from people one way or the other. To understand this concept concretely, and I could figuratively see a light bulb moment. He related the concept we were teaching him in relation to Newton's third law of motion which states, "For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction." I was like, you understood what we were teaching you for months for the first time when you made that scientific connection! OMG! Maybe I'm dealing with a semi-genious little Aspie kid!

Life is funny sometimes. How will this semi-aspie adult and this semi-aspie child relate and understand the world? I can hardly wait to see what tomorrow's realizations will bring!


02/12/2012 04:33 PM
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Life is confusing at times.

I have problems with music. I like religous types but even with that kind, the noise is hard to handle. The only time I can listen to it is Friday nights, because if I do it in the week it leads closer to emotional exhaustion. But on Friday nights, I can sleep more Saturdays and keep it completely quite to refresh myself for the week.

But personally, I doubt there is anything wrong with listening to the same thing over and over, even though some people (NTs) probably would.

02/14/2012 03:47 PM
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Very interesting. I can't imagine living with just one CD on for so many years. I tend to get sick of songs very quickly and I'd break the CD after a few months lol. But that's just me I guess.

02/15/2012 08:35 PM

I'm just wierd. But I think I'm finally accepting my inner Aspie ROFL

02/16/2012 01:51 PM
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I used to do that. 1 cd for about 2 years. I listen to different music now all the time. Mostly whistle and sing though. I whistle and sing chorus's over and over of about 5 songs. Every now and then a new song, stop one. Feeling down start up the one I used to. Very comforting to me. Even just random tunes I make up I'll whistle over and over for the whole day, then off and on throughout the next few months. Hard to explain. There's one tune I made that I've done for about a year now. Made up lyrics to sing with that tune too. lol I even make tunes with clicking my tongue or tapping and just whatever with myself. Love to repeat it over and over. Especially cat and dog sounds. Smile Of coarse along with boobing my head, rocking, moving my ears, eyebrows, mouth nose.. lol I don't get bored easily... I can amuse myself so easily! LOVE it! If someone put a secret camera in my room and watched they could never look at me seriously again!

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