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09/25/2010 10:23 AM

My Arthritis has been killing me!

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My Arthritis has been killing me!

Recently I got a new job where I am standing all day and I am not used to it. My job is assembly line work so it is a physical job.

My Arthritis has been killing me!

I hurt most in my knees and back. I am taking three times more pain medication and it is so addictive I hate to take them. It is not good for me to be doing this to myself. What am I going to do to help the pain to calm down a bit? I am on the Oxycodone for pain. I know I need to exercise and I plan on getting on the treadmill and doing some stretching exercises to help me. The plant doctor wants me to do some crunches for my stomach to help strengthen my back muscles. He has a bad back and he looks at the shape I am in and he wants to change his mind about having a fusion done to his back. He said percentage wise they are not that successful. I am not sure if that is the case or not but I do know I am extremely out of shape and I really need to exercise to get in shape. BUT….when you are in chronic pain all the time how do you get motivated to exercise? Can anyone tell me anything or give me advice how to feel better?




12/22/2010 04:13 PM
tntmom1027Posts: 537

I unfortunately don't have any suggestions, but just wanted to let you know you're not alone, I'm in the same boat(minus the line work lol)

I have degenerative disc disease(my father has it and so did my grandmother, who had her back fused without any success), osteoarthritis in my spine, and Psoriatic Arthritis and Fibromyalgia.. Wow didn't realize the list had gotten so long lol

I hope you find something that works for you, and if you do, let me know too lol

Have a good day

12/22/2010 04:30 PM
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I wish I could help more. Are you taking NSAIDs? They help alot with inflammation which in turn helps with pain. Please, please, talk to your doc and let him know your pain meds are not adequate.

I, too, have to take pain meds but am very careful of them. Occassionaly, with rheumy's approval I can take a higher dose when flares are not being controlled. Higer dose meaning I can take 1 and 1/2 rather than 1. Usually, after 1 to 2 doses my pain is controlled and I go back to regular dosing.

My disabilty was based on OA in my knees along with other less severe issues. I do have OA in back as well as other joints.

I developed RA during SSD time, but still, it was OA that gave me approval. I am sure RA would have but apparently OA was enough.

I did have knee replacement at age 48 and am waiting on other one. I have to say it was well worth it.

I pray you find easement soon.



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