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10/16/2008 09:59 AM


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I am very confused and wondered if someone here could help. I have a resting heart rate that runs from 89-159 on a 24 hour heart monitor and not one doctor can tell me what is going on. I was told I had a past heart attack by one and then no by another. I was told to take a Beta Blocker and then no by another.

My normal resting rate used to be around 69-70.

I wake up and it can be 129. I have palpitations and am extremely fatigued. I spend most days alone and in bed or on the couch because I am too exhausted to do anything. I want to so I do not think it is depression although it is depressing to feel so crumby and not know why. I am 5.5" tall and weigh 128 so I am not over weight.

I had Medullary thryoid cancer and a total thryoidectomy.

I am concerned about my parathyroids since I know they can cause a racing heart. I have had 3 heart caths and have 3 leaking valves but none bad enough to do anything.

I am now on Coreg but my heart rate still races at times.

Does anyone have any idea what could be wrong?Wassat Angel elvira amrhein in truth there is love

I am scared, feel alone and don't know what to do.


10/17/2008 06:55 AM

Hi. I can understand why you are scared. Did you start feeling like this after you started the Coreg? I know that when I take beta blockers or heart meds, I feel like crap. Plus your valve may be making you fatigued, I know mine does. Make an appt with your dr as soon as you can so you dont worry.

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