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12/16/2009 02:15 PM

question nausea and vomiting

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Hi all,

Ok, I need to ask you all- when you have the nausea and vomiting from your Chiari or related disorders, is it generally a mild nausea and only little amounts of vomiting or is it more like you feel when you have the flu?

My years thus far have led me to believe the first is the norm but I'm trying to figure out what's up since I've been really ucky sick for a month on and off now.

Wearing my neck brace does help, so it kind of seems like the problem is there at my brain stem, but I never used to feel this terrible. I used to throw up 20-30x a day, but not much came up. Now I'm getting sick every few days, but feeling the nausea a lot and badly.

How is it for you?




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