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07/01/2010 11:56 AM

Anxiety Disorders

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Hi! I'm Dixie. I'm 54. I'm a young 54 year old. I don't look 54. MOst people say I look 35 or 40. I'm young at heart except I worry about ALL my relationships. I worry about getting old, etc. I REALLY worry when I have company esp. if I'm expected to cook. I wanted to answer Becky. I'm going to see a good counselor. She is going to work really hard with me this summer on my anxiety disorder. I have a tendency to keep thinking and thinking about how I should have said this or that or done this or that after I'm with people. My husband is a very serious type and sees having a little fun every day as a little frivalous. He doesn't like to joke around and I love to be around people that are light hearted and joke about things. So it's hard for me to be happy with myself because I admire him so much I think there is something wrong with me or I think HE thinks something's wrong with me. When I'm tired of thinking it's me then I blame him which isn't good either. Anyway I don't know what I'd do without my good counselor. Hopefully we can make some real progress this summer. I'd like to get rid of this problem and just be self confident and happy. I also have A.D.D. so that makes it hard to feel normal too. I was hoping to help Becky but I think I just added to our stress. Hope not.



07/01/2010 02:24 PM
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Yes, I too am a worrier on somethings. My Mother was very fearfull, I think she passed that on to me.

I worry if I am entertaining, most people do. We just want to do the "perect party". Go to your councelor and maybe you can ge to the source of the worry. Like me , I found out I was well taught. Good luck

07/01/2010 03:02 PM

Hi dixie and welcome to our group , sorry you wont see me post alot here I speand alot of time in the panic room but if you need to talk about anything you feel free to PM me..

I am happy to hear you are going to find or have found someone you like to talk to that is very important to feeling better.

I like to let people know in anyway if I can help them I will and they way you talk is they way I felt not too long ago and with talking with my therapist I learned that this is called emotional dependence

When you worry WAY too much about what others think of you or worry WAY to much what you think of others

You let there moods and actions dictate (spl.) how you feel on a day to day basis you have to look at this for what it is and teach yourself that its ok for you to be YOU and what you feel is ok cause thats YOU

So your husband dont want to joke there are TONS of us on here that LOVE to laugh you dont have to get that from him, so you like to do fun things then go do em' he does not have to go with you (though trust me I am there sometimes still with my strick husband) you really want them to go-- here is were chick friends come in handy I only have one so it makes it hard to go out but we find time

anyways if you need someone to talk to Im here


07/01/2010 06:29 PM
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Hi Dixie,,,I am exactly the same...LOL!!! Worry worry mum ist he same....I guessed it is a learned thing...Being brought up like this its hard to break the cycle....I remember my mum every time she heard a siren saying OH I hope its no-one we no...Just stuff like that...So no every time I hear an ambulance or siren my automatic thought is...Oh hope my hubby is OK.....See what I mean...Sad It sux...& its hard we need to re-train our brains....Smile

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