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12/13/2009 04:56 AM


MistyEyed79Posts: 8
New Member

I am new to the group. I never thought of myself as having issues with anxiety, but I found out otherwise. What I would like to know is if anyone else dealing with anxiety has also had problems with aggression, trouble making up your mind about things, rapid mood swings? I had all of that until I went on Klonopin. I went to see my GP, and he put me on this medication to help me get by until I could see a psychologist at the end of the month. The thing is, I am doing so much better on this medication, I wonder if I simply had too much anxiety all this time. Any insight into this would be helpful.



12/13/2009 07:48 AM


Klonopin is great to help you to get control over you.

Next you need to get your self onto something longer time - such as celexa - which is just one of many - SSRI's available for depression and anxiety.

The psychologist is a big help - been there - and will give you direction.

GO get books from self-help area on depression, anxiety - SUper book is "Feeling Good", by Burns.

Luv, Raoul

12/16/2009 03:17 PM
Posts: 18

dont jump into taking ssri's, they arent for everyone. be very careful with medications.

12/16/2009 04:28 PM

hi again

Briana is correct - you definately should exercise considerable caution before starting any medications. All meds have side effects and their own associated problems.

Once you have gotten yourself stabilized with some sort of a med - the next best step is to get yourself into breathing exercises and calming exercises. These will help you to get control over the panic attacks.

Exercises need to be practiced in between attacks so that thsy will be effective when you have an attack.

There are exercises in the Forums > med and treatment section. review the titles there. The exercises were prepared by the members of this group and the panic attack support group for everyone. They can be a big help.

Love, Raoul

12/21/2009 01:12 AM
MistyEyed79Posts: 8
New Member

Thank you, both of you. My appt has been moved up a bit, and its a good thing...I feel like I am going crazy. I have begged for hospitalization, but I'm afraid of going. Ironic, wouldn't you say?

12/28/2009 12:31 PM
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klonipin is good to stabelize. are you in therapy?

I understand about the hospital stay but sometimes it's good to get out of our enviroment where we can really focus on ourselves. (In Mn you go to the ER and in order to be hospitalized you have to be suicidal. then they have responcibility for you. there were no beds so they were sending people hundreds of miles away (north dakota) and expecting them to pay for the ride... ironic???maybe where you are your therapist could get you in if wanted to. Blessing on you. Smile


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