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07/06/2009 03:47 PM

Action to take to during an anxiety attack

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My biggest problems is that when I am having an anxiety attack I don't know how to reduce the fear. Usually I will isolate myself in my bedroom. I was wondering if anyone had any suggetion on how to calm the irrational fears so that I don't spend all day hiding from life

07/06/2009 05:06 PM
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This is a hard one.....I am still working on this after 10 years...LOL!!! I find I can calm myself down if I am at home but if I am out by myself I just get more & more anxious....Hence why I haven't driven any where for the last 2 months cause I had my last big attack in the car by myself....I wish I could calm myself down too.....So i will keep my eye's glued to this topic as I need help in this matter too.....  cid AEBD8EE3B00B4ECEA750E5A9FF1A5605 JunnerPC

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07/09/2009 09:02 PM
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Hi there, the fear is horrible, but it's also stupid and silly. For instance, I've had a panic attack in drive thru because I felt trapped by the cars aroubd me.

This is a stupid, inappropirate, fear response.

To overcome it I find cranking music in the car and singing, moving my legs etc. does help.

The BEST help, and always works for me, is splahing lots of cool water on my face over and over again. It tricks your body (this is the same stupid body that gave the fear) into thinking you are underwater. Your body, being quite stupid and all, automatically lowers your heart rate - this primal response is more powerful than panic.

Also, the true panic comes from adrenaline - guys feel it as a tingling in the groin, not sure anout girls. Then it explodes as your body, again very stupid, thinks that because of your nervous condition, or your nerous thoughts, you need to fight or run. You need to focus on something else and give your body at least 2 mins to purge the arenaline. Your heart rate could be up for awhile afterwards though.

That's my experience.

07/09/2009 09:26 PM
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Face them and keep telling yourself u r OK, nothing is going to happen to u and they are just anxiety and panic and nothing has ever happen to u b4 and it wont now. Try to get ur mind on other things, try relaxation cds, exercise, eat right, pray, do abdominal breathing, and vent as much as u need to. hang in there and know im here to help in anyway I can!

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