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06/18/2009 05:35 PM

Hi Everyone!

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Sorry haven't been on but I really do hope everyone is doing good. Lately, Things have been a little rocky. Going through some stuff with my relationship. I keep thinking I'm have an attack and then the manifestation start to make a parade in my head. AHH! I have counseling tomorrow and I'm hoping to keep my attacks at bay with that in mind. Like I said in the beginning, I hope everyone is doing well.

06/18/2009 07:01 PM
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Hi Julie....Great to have you back....Hope all is well....& everything works out for you.....Smile image 01

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06/22/2009 09:44 AM
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hope things get better

we are always hear if you need us

however don't feel pressured to post if you don't have time or don't feel like it

big hug hoping things work out


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