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04/23/2012 05:10 PM

whos ready to take a stand im ready

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I've decided I will no longer let the anxiety and fear control my life anymore . It has taken 12 yrs of my life now and I'm done living in fear of what I can't control anymore. Guess if I passout in public I passout or whatever happens happens when its my time to go I can't do anything anyways to stop it so why should I sit and live in fear of it . So I'm takening a stand I'm going to try my hardest to not let this control me anymore baby steps is a start . And I'm going to do this anyone what to join in I know we all can do this we just really need to all work togather and I believe we an do this .

04/23/2012 06:26 PM
damselndistressPosts: 16951
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I'm in.Smile

04/23/2012 06:31 PM
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Great I'm so done living in fear of things I can't control .

04/24/2012 06:07 AM
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Hi Mary

You have claimed of the most important steps in recovery 1) know there is a problem and try to define it 2) Claim your recovery.

Next is to make a plan. Your declaration is admirable but as you know

anxiety will jump up and bite you in the butt. It's the nature of the beast. Have a plan as to what you can do. Have a call to battle "BRING IT ON BE-ACHE" come to mind lol.

We are here for you.Tongue


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