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04/21/2012 05:39 PM

i know something is wrong with me..

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i know ever since i had found out i had a thyroid disorder..i know anxiety is not my friend..literally..when i get around people..i just want to run..i hope im not the only one feeling like this..when i go out..and someone is standing by me..i move..i dont like people in my space..i dont go to parties..because i think everyone is looking at me..and i get over heated and i get scared.. when im in a crowd i get away from people..and when i go to the anxiety really acts up..i cant be still ...and i get all clammy..and just can be bothers me alot..but thats my issues..if anyone reads this..and feel like i feel leave me a message ..please thank you..

04/22/2012 01:44 AM
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Hi & yes, you are definitely NOT alone. I too feel that way about crowds, parties, my personal space, all of it. Even when it is my family - my sister, mother & niece - I am the one in the corner crocheting furiously to keep hold of my nerves. (I crochet in self-defense, I guess - if people think I am counting stitches, they are less likely to ask me a question where I can say or do the wrong thing.) On bad days, I want to jump in my truck, drive until I run out of gas and then run until I fall over. A low dose of Xanax helps me keep the very worst of it away. I make appointments early in the morning at the salon so that there aren't many people there (& before the chemicals become too strong & affect my asthma). I dread the big-box superstores - the warehouse or airplane hanger feel of the huge building give me the sensation that I am very vulnerable. My heart pounds, my hands sweat, my brain stays stuck in "anxious" gear.

So yep, welcome to the club, you aren't the only one who feels this way!

Hugs, Cat

04/22/2012 04:04 AM
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Hi Jammie, I to hate any place where there are people, especially behind me, my anxiety is out of control at the moment, I don't go anywhere and if I have to, I wear a hat and sunnies to cover my face, I spend more time frozen on the spot, pinned up against walls, my left side twitches, I feel like my heart has stopped and I hold my breath.

Welcome to the group...

04/22/2012 05:06 AM
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I now drive a semi truck simply so I don't have to be around others anymore. Spent twenty wonderful years working as a Journeyman Plumber, working 89 to 90% of the time alone. Then finished my degree, went into the corporate world and spent the next ten years in a living hell! Laid off during this recession, I retrained in an industry that, again, allowed me to work ... ALONE!!! Short of the Bipolar mood swings, the working environment is pure heaven.

04/24/2012 06:49 AM
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Hi Jammie1 have achieved the first stage of recovery...know

that something is wrong. ( wrong is such a bad

implies guilt)

Do we recover from this? I don't know but there are times of remission and some can last years.

I have been aware of the effects large groups of people have. I call it sensory overload. At first it was place I didn't have to go to such as the state fair. Now it effects places I need to go to..such as the food shelf and church.

When I have anxiety it stesses my Essential tremors and Fibromyalgia so there is a tripple whammy. I look like a terrorized bowl of jello....

Life was simple back when...You were young and got sick..some vicks vapo rub and bed rest did the trick. A bandage was a cure

I think my anxiety should be repaired as easily.

2ofme glad to hear about your job

Glad to hear about your job.

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