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03/15/2012 10:09 PM

Herbal and Homeopathic Remedies

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Could anyone suggest any herbal or homeopathic remedies for OCD and/or GAD? Also, could anyone point me to some resources to learn more about herbal and homeopathic remedies? I'm trying to decide which approach is best.

I just started taking Calms Forte and Highlands Nerve Tonic. Hopefully it will help. The ingredients are all homeopathic and I don't know a whole lot about them. There's so much info online. I'd like to find a website that has a reasonable amount of info that's easy to read. I just bought a box of Kava tea from Wholefoods. I would've thought that was safe. But, I read online a lot of bad things about Kava (liver damage).

Also, is it even safe to mix something herbal w/ something homeopathic?

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03/15/2012 10:48 PM
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call a herbalist or a naturopath to ask. ...there are great websites with general info but you need a prof to tell you what is okay to pair with another thing so please adk them bef taking more than one of something

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