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03/04/2012 01:43 PM

I just give up!

damselndistressPosts: 16980
Group Leader

Things seem so stressful right now.

Life feels like a mountain to climb right now and I feel like an ant.

I give!

I'm so thankful that usually these overwhelming feelings I get don't last too long.

I've fought it up til now today and it's 4 pm and I just can't fight any longer.

I'm really hoping tomorrow is easier.


03/04/2012 02:38 PM
TennisPPosts: 2439
Senior Member

Awwww....I am sorry you feel so sad. What can you do go help yourself feel better?

Take the day slowly and savor the good things and people in life. Pray for peace etc and healing...

I hope you feel better soon!

03/05/2012 09:31 AM
damselndistressPosts: 16980
Group Leader

Amazing I feel so much better.

Sometimes for me to just let go of all my thoughts and feelings and surrender gives me total relief.

Things have not changed so much.

There are still issues and things to work on but just having a break does wonders for me.Smile

Thanks for your kind thoughts Tennis P.

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03/06/2012 05:40 AM
Posts: 2819
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I'm an Advocate


you bring up a good point. We are so used to fleeing any discomfot ( just look at our t v commercials) that I panic at the thought of having anxiety. My stress about it just makes things worse

03/06/2012 06:43 PM
RaoulPosts: 4015
VIP Member

Hey - no giving up here. If I can hang on for such a long time - so can you.

There will be no giving up around here....Our Loved ones are too important to ever give up.


03/06/2012 07:02 PM
Posts: 2370
Senior Member

Hope you are feeling even better damsel!!

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