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02/12/2012 05:11 PM

can i run away(page 2)

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That's sad sorry you have to go thru this just keep going for your son, that is what I do because we have to. Good luck and try and try again.



02/13/2012 10:20 AM

My thoughts are along the lines of moonstorm59, you are going through some very stressful situations and it is normal to be feeling what you are. Hey, I think you are holding yourself together better than I would. Have you done some things to help you. I mean have you been doing things for yourself that make you feel relaxed or something like that. We have to take care of ourselves too. And I have also found out that, like you mentioned with your friend who talked you down, we need those friends in our lives to give us the comfort. All my best wishes and positive thoughts.

02/13/2012 02:51 PM

**HUGS*** we have all been there or are there !!

02/13/2012 05:13 PM
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((Hugs)) to you!!

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