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10/06/2011 10:42 AM

Could Use Support & People To Talk To


I have had an anxiety disorder since the age of 19 - have recovered and had years of no anxiety. Then in 2007 a variety of reasons put me back in the worst episode ever. I am extremely drug sensitive but gave in and took an antidepressant a short time and had to stop due to severe adverse reaction.

It tore my already sensitized nervous system to shreds - now 14 months later I would pray for my old anxiety back. I am still having severe symptoms from it and I an using EVERY recovery technique I used before and they are not working.

I could really appreciate having a few friends who could understand - I had been OK for so long all my friends were "Normals" and they took off because I have been down so long this time.

Thanks for reading James


10/06/2011 10:45 AM
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hi james how are you doing.


10/06/2011 10:55 AM

Terrible Karen - wish I had never touched another psyche drug

10/06/2011 05:36 PM

welcome dear friend and i am so sorry for your pain I do understand as I have been on every pill in the book and everyone I took made me worse and worse I am now off everything but one thing and it has been a living HELL for two years, the mental pain, the body aches, the real body pains, the thoughts oh they can just about drive you CRAZY hell I know they have me anyway....

Im sorry for what brings you here but know that you are in good company and we are here to talk and vent to any time that you need to

I am just wondering what coping skills do you use now to try and help with day to day life and moving past all the mental and med issues as they are now??

Example- Belly Breathing , yoga, meditation, diet change,ect

10/06/2011 07:48 PM

I use the tools I learned many years ago and recovered with - meditation when I can, my diet is perfect and has been for decades (I did post grad work in nutrition), too sick to do yoga but I walk at times for hours and in the summer rode my bike.

My problem now is that my anxiety is chemically induced by a drug and wont respond like natural anxiety does. Had I never taken an anxiety drug I would be functional - for me they were a path to greater hell I could not imagine.

What I need now are anxiety friends to talk to and survive the seconds until healing occurs from the damn drugs.

Which benzo are you tapering with

10/07/2011 06:44 AM

Got ya well we are here for you anxiety sucks and even if its drug induce its just like Reg anxiety and will respond the same I am Gl in the medication withdraw here in mdj and though it sucks there is nothing to do other then ride it out or a diff med which seems like you know, I do wonder how you can't do basic yoga yet walk ? Yoga is less impact

10/07/2011 06:45 AM

Oh and I have been on all of them but as of now I'm coming off the hardest to get off xanax and a very very high dosage I was on for years last time we tried I ended up with a seizure and the icu so we shall see it only starts body problems below .50mg

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