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06/04/2011 05:18 AM

Panic Anxiety Xanax And Pregnancy !


Man oh man its been awhile that I started a post ha! Ok so let's see panic and anxiety still suck, I'm still expecting so far I'm 10 weeks and I hate the pain I'm in almost everyday

As most of you know I was on a taper plan slowly coming off the benzo demons cause I've been on them too long and it was just not working like it should anymore as the meds do with everyone and I made the choice to go down and come off not go up to help more ..... I made it to .45 mg a day then shit hit the fan and after talks with friends,family,doctors,and other moms that have used it while pego. I decided to stay on a low does anywhere between .25-.50mg a day problem is with my hormones I feel so out of control with my anxiety that I was taking like 1mg a say I've come down to .75mg this week and next will be .50 again and as soon as I come off the progestrone shots ill lower that even more I'm praying to be close to off before I have the baby

I'm so scared for me for the baby over everything its driving me nuts, I've been wanting to go back to therapy but the thought of the drive there makes me sick , I've become much more agroaphobic again this sooo sucks

Any advice about anything would really help right now


06/04/2011 04:25 PM
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Hang in there Lee. I know the benzos are hell to come off, esp. one like xanax. Many doctors don't have a clue what it is like once you have been on these things for years. You can literally go temporary insane while trying to come off some of these psychiatric drugs. Long-term management of anxiety disorders with meds like benzos carries a huge risk. Some of the SSRI's can be really bad too like effexor from what I understand.

06/05/2011 08:09 AM

thanks hun, yeah I am down to .50-.75mg a day which is GREAT from a year ago so im ok with it now and like the doc said no reason to keep stressing I am still on it and IF something is going to happen to the baby IE-problems with heart the damage is already done it happens when its forming thats 4-8 weeks soooo we will see when I have my scans one big one is in 8 days then my other big one is at 18 weeks so 8 weeks fingers crossed!

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