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02/08/2011 11:28 AM

My sister bugs me so much...I get way too anxious!

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I really don't like my sister. Yeah, she's family, and I love her...but if she was not in my family I'd stay away from her. She makes me so anxious and I get soooo tense every time I hear about her day. She's on my facebook so her news feed keeps popping up...

Anyways, I don't like her because she's younger and she makes poor choices. She's been on probation and diversion around 6 times. She parties, and smokes and drinks and gets caught. The judges and the probation officers let her off with a slap on the wrist or the minimum punishment. Even when she's on probation, they stop drug testing her. It's like NO ONE gives a crap about her, and they all think she's a cool person. It makes me SO MAD because she doesn't learn and she complains about her life being so hard. It's not!

She gets fired from all her jobs. She finds a new job in like a month, or less! She gets everything handed to her! People just give her their old stuff, or buy her whatever she wants! Not even kidding.. she once had 4 digital cameras that her friends gave her because they got new ones. Ridiculous, normally people would sell their old one. But nope, everything is free for my sister.

She isn't going to school and is working full time. Before she got a job my parents paid her entire credit card off b/c she was a minor and they would have gotten in trouble with the bank. When I got in an accident they still made me pay. They paid the minimum payment for 2 months then stopped. My mom said she paid but I guess she "forgot" so I got stuck with all these extra charges.

Now she has Great CREDIT. She could probably buy a car or rent a house, and I can't even do that. She gets asked on dates by rich guys, like doctors. I don't care but she's a major pothead and even people who are so against her lifestyle ALWAYS make exeptions for her!

I'm not jealous of her, I'm jealous of her luck. I shouldn't hate my sister but she needs a kick in the butt so she can get on track. Funny thing is, everyone's probably going to look at how "succesful" she is because she'll have all these things before me. (car, house, etc)


02/08/2011 11:31 AM
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I really sound like a brat. But this has been going on for around 5 years. She smokes in her room at my parents house, and my dad is afraid to call the cops. Why? Because he will be to blame, even though he searches her room before and after work and finds nothing. She brings stuff home after work, and when he runs errands my sister smokes and waits for the garage door to open, then stops.

02/08/2011 07:00 PM
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This may sound like bull-pukie, but just wait. The Free stuff and having people look the other way when she goofs off... are enabeling her to NOT develope her character. This time in her life when she appears to be getting all the breaks WILL come and bite her in the butt. Nothing in life is free and someday somehow she will pay.

Don't base your life on your sisters. Do what you have to do, to have a healthy life.Smile


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