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12/21/2010 08:03 AM


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can anybody helpe to get rid this panic attacks and unnessary thoughts

12/21/2010 03:05 PM
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Welcome to the group, you have probably heard so much you are confused,I can tell you breathing is most important take deep breths, i take off my shoes so i can fell the floor, that is called grounding yourself, have you eaten today, are you diagnosed with anything and do you take the meds, you are required too these are all important, panic usually comes from some form of fear, if you can get to the fear the panic will lessen, i have learned these things the hard way, and a counselor guiding me through, i may suggest counseling if you don't already have it, it takes a pro, to eficiantly help constant occuring anxiety, so feel free to wrie me back by pm or on the group and answer he questions so i can better help you, and again WELCOME.

12/22/2010 08:03 AM
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Welcome Prasanna. Unfortunatly there is not a fast cure. I agree with everything Deb says. It's a long road but one you can handle. Breathing does help a lot! So does realizing that it's just panic and it can't kill you. Yes it might scare you but generally it will be gone soon (for a little bit at least) I have problems with the racing thoughts so my GP put me on zoloft because I just couldn't get the thoughts under control. So that may be something you need to think about and talk about with your doc. Just a suggestion. We are always here if you need anything. Feel free to post anytime. Welcome to the group.



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