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08/30/2011 03:18 PM

Step-daughter sociopath?

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I have a 33 year old step-daughter and I believe she's a sociopath. She said was diagnosed as bipolar several years ago but stopped taking the medication because it made her feel funny. Last year when she had the grandiose idea of becoming a police officer that's all we heard about for 3 months straight; she was going to carry a gun and be a cop but when I questioned her about the bipolar disorder and if that would effect her psych evaluation her reponse was, "well...I was never actually diagnosed with it" and we never heard about that dream again. At that point she signed up for community college, we thought...GREAT!!! Good for her and we encourged her. She received grant money because she's the single mother of our 5 year old Granddaughter but all of a sudden right before classes were set to start she didn't have the money to pay for books. She had already spent the grant money so we bought her books. Then when she was 3 weeks short of finishing the first semister she was in a minor car accident that became a full blown drama production. Her neck hurt, her back hurt and she couldn't go to classes because she was in so much pain. The teachers tried to work with her, allowing her to complete the work online but once again she was in too much pain. I'm sorry if I sound calious but she's the classic case of the "little boy who cried wolf" one too many times. I have medical issues and she knows it but two years ago she called her Dad because she was mad about something and said, "I never liked your fat wife either". She witheld our Granddaughter for several months after that and I was just supposed to ignore the comments which I did and I never got an apology. The latest round of problems is because we promised to pay her rent and then we couldn't because of a $1000 dollar insurance deductible for my much needed surgery. The step-daughter views it as an empty promise and posted as much on facebook. I'm hurt and angry. I know from the things I've read not to engage in a verbal arguement with a sociopath. Any thoughts or suggestions would be much appreciated on this post. I am at my wits end.

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