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06/21/2010 01:10 PM

top of my head hurts

irish11Posts: 340

Hi..everyone..I've been getting this weird symptom lately. The top of head is killing me!!!W00t Its the weirdest thing. One min its at the back of my head and then its in the front and sometimes travels to my eye. I have to say it feels like nerve pain. If I rub the back of my neck it goes away for alittle while. I have to wear a hat if I go outside because the sun makes it worst and the wind hitting my head doesn't help either. I don't have a headache its just tingling. Last Saturday I was watching a movie and then all of the sudden I got this zap on the top of my head like someone but wires on my head. It scared me so much I gave myself a panic attack and I never get panic attacks. My heart goes out to people who get them all the time...that's scary too.

I tell ya ever since I got Lyme's a few years ago..things are just worst with nerve pain...well..everything to tell ya the truth. I got blood work done but the second time it came beck neg after the antibiotics....but I was sick for almost a month before I found the bulleye on my back. So who knows what damage it really did....But I guess my next step is going the the neuro and getting more blood work because something is not right. and I think maybe it could be my disc degeneration is getting worst in my the Fibro. Who knows...I just hope I get some answers soon Whistling

Happy first day of summer Cool I hope everyone is feeling well and the heat isn't getting to everyone. I'll talk to ya all soon...and if anyone is having the samething going on as far as head pain....I'd like to hear about.

Big ((hugs)) to everyone in the group and many blessings Silly

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