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11/24/2011 09:47 PM

How do you know when to get another brain scan?

justcrystalPosts: 2
New Member

I am a daily sufferer of mild headaches with much pulsating of the brain. My brain just jumps and bumps at any time all the time, on top of that, I am a severe migraine suffer weekly....even at times a back to back feel like gonna be my last.

I try so hard not to just walk around the world on immetrex, maltax, or keep running for treatments of meds like morphine to ease. I even pop like half bottles of excedrin constantly.

I do have and angioma which was missed in a 1991 after childbirth of 3rd kids, but was seen later in 2001 and dr. went back to check scan i told her of in 91. with med cost so extreme now, i cant afford to keep up with all that needs to be done. I get so worried at times that it may be times i miss work at least one to two days a week due to my headaches, sinus swelling and pressure....just want to know more info from other sufferers. it is not a topic i talk about much, even put in the back of my brain as if i can make angioma go away...glad for this site just to get it out.


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