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04/05/2009 05:55 AM

I Can't Believe The Anger That Is Hidden Inside Me


Hi, I can't believe the anger that is hidden inside me. I was at a place one day and they were talking to me about some group thing. They already closed the group but they accused me of violating confidentiality. One of the ladies was really mean to me, just like her daughter treated me. I got really angry about how I was treated. Without realizing what I was saying, I got mad. I walked out the door fast, and swore! At that point I felt like I was blacked out when I left out the door. Then I went all over trying to prove my point. Does this happen to anyone? I would really like to know, cause this scares me. Thanks!

04/06/2009 03:24 AM

Sometimes when I get angry I will do things or say things that I don't remember. Do you have an anger action plan? Something you can do to help vent your anger without making an outburst?

04/06/2009 05:36 AM

No I do not have an action plan, can you help me with one? ((Hugs)) Brendy

04/07/2009 12:01 AM

Here are some of the things I do:

throw ice cubes in an empty bathtub

poke a balled up pair of socks with a needle

throw balled up socks against a wall

dig your nails in your skin ( without breaking skin)

I hope you find something that works for you!

04/14/2009 09:56 PM
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I have alot of anger for my siblings, since mom died 20 months ago. No one cares anymore about being a family. I'm so angry and yet so hurt. The pain inside, lies heavy on my chest. I want to be rid of it and not let it consume me anymore. Right now, I'm so sad. Just want to cry but if I do, I won't stop and it's nearly 1 am. Can't stand not sleeping either.

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