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02/01/2011 11:09 AM


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Yesterday, I responded to a post, One member took what I said and made it an issue, Not to me but to other members here.

I had written that I had been working on a list of trigggers, and a list of coping skills/techniques, no good or bad , just things I personally had thought of. Not assigning worth to any of them while writting them out. After I wrote them, I could go back over the lists and see what triggers hit me hardest and what coping skills were more positive and more able to use them.

I DID NOT SAY COMMITTING SUICIDE WAS A GOOD COPING SKILL! I believe the word I used were "attempting ".

I appologize to the group if others also misunderstood what I was trying to convey.




02/01/2011 03:19 PM

I knew that!!! But everyone doesn't have the reading skills that most of us have and take what they want and turn it upside down!!!!!

I don't think any adults felt that way as they read just what I did!!!

But having someone tell me "See I was right,she did say BLAH BLAH BLAH....."

did not set well with me. I don't have enought cheese for all that whine!!

don't lite that fuse again!!Devil

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