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01/19/2011 08:00 PM


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Sorry guys, I am REALLY sick with the flue! On top of that my apartment flooded from upstairs last night, I just plugged the computer back in hoping it had time to dry and not fry!

I'm back off to bed, can barely see my head hurts so bad!

Please you guys POST! It doesn't matter what, something funny, sad , mad, or glad!


RebaWink Sick


01/19/2011 10:39 PM
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I just gt up tp get a drink .More roaches so I decided to skip it.

I have made promises here that i don't knwo if i can continue tokeep. I'm tired and angry, I hate bugs. Nothing seems to get rid of them. No matter how clean you keep things, which at the moment I don't dare about.

I have been looking thru mementos of my life, certificates from work, and I taped some of them to the out side of my door. I have started 2 letters, one tot he ass wholes who have given me such a miserale time, and the other to my son.

I called the crisis line, only to be told to leave a detailed message.l Too much trouble and i hae no intrest right now in being told all I have to offer, that god isn't finished with me yet, that things will get better. I'm tired of the lie...

I will sleep, tomorrrow I will see things differently, Yeah right, I believe that one too. I'm just tired and sick and don't want to play this evil and hurtful game anymore. Son't call anyone ok, already been done, they have already been hear and told me what a waste of their time it was comming here. I agree....See you in the morning K?

01/20/2011 04:15 AM
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"all I have to offer, that god isn't finished with me yet, that things will get better"

these are not lies jI, they are the truth although you may feel at this moment that they are. These are the things that give us hope for a better day and without hope, well you know!

I am sorry to hear that you have been ill with the flu, that can be a real downer, I have a touch of stomach flu and am just draging my feet at work.

Roaches are a real pest, I had them in the first apartment I was in and they really take over. They can not be controlled unless they fumagate the whole building, be carefull for TU if they do.

Don't be too down on yourself today, may God bless you always.

01/20/2011 05:53 AM

1 Cor 10:13 please read this Reba a friend sent this to me as I had the same issues and now know why!!!

It really helped me to understand and I was at an all time low just a few days ago as you know aready!!!

"We are not the first to go through this fire and will not be the last so please hold on tight as He loves you"

I went to and now get a little bible lesson that is helping me to hang on tight!!!

I've read so many diary enters here telling us God is not real and God is not this or that but please have faith Reba,even if it's as small as a mustard seed!!!

I've wanted so much to tell these mean people that they have allowed satan to use them to spread lies!!!

The more we "SAY" it the more satan comes after us!!! He loves it that you are where you are now and will continue to beat you up as long as you deny God's promise to us!!!

I know get off my soap box!!! NO I will not give up on you or myself!!!!

God's promise to us is real but Satan rules this earth and as long as we continue to say these awful things about God,Satan will have his way with you!!!!!

I love you so much Reba and wish with all my heart I could help you but God does have more for you to do and you will see His glory work through you soon!!!


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