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05/08/2012 05:41 PM

Dextran Iron Infusions

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Hello all

I just found out today that due to all my malabsorbtion problems I will required Dextran iron infusions. Of course I am so scared of the reactions that people seem to get.

Please feel free to share any and all experiences that you may have had and how long until you started to feel a difference after recieving them? My first infusion is May 15th




05/09/2012 05:37 PM
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I have not had iron Dextran, only Venofer, which the test dose caused me to swell up about 20 minutes after it was over--not a life threatening reaction, but, a reaction none-the-less and so my doctor does not want me to have any infusions--the test dose was a very good thing in the sense that it gave us that information.

I'm really bummed, because infusions are the best way to start feeling better fast. If all goes well, you should start to feel a little better between week 3 and 6 post infusion--it takes that long to make a red blood cell from the iron that is absorbed.

05/23/2012 01:11 PM
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Hi all. Well today I had my first Dextran iron infusion. It was a week late due to the fact my son broke his ankle the previous week and was in the ER with him when i should have been infusing lol

Apart from being horribly anxious - I have an anxiety disorder - it went well. My Dr is of the newer method or new school idea that he gives the infusion over an hour instead of 3 - 5. We did a test dose of 25mgs over 8 - 10 mins. Then approximately 20 minutes later did the last 100 over an hour with the saline. Thank god I had no reaction what so ever! I was soooo worried about that. The only thing was a slight metallic taste and tingle on my filing but nothing bad. I felt so bad for the chemo patients that were around me. Here I was worried about an infusion when these people around me were fighting for their lives. I go back in 7 weeks for blood work and then at 8 weeks I go get the results and see where we stand with the my numbers etc. My ferratin was 20 and he wants it up over 100. So if its over 100 we will wait 6 months for another infusion - unless in the mean time I go down hill again but if not up enough we will infuse again on the 9th week. I am so lucky that my Dr is great and the nurses were FANTASTIC!!!! I can not sing their praises enough. So thanks for the good wishes and kind words. I am hoping this time next month I will be feeling sooooo much better. Now I just hope I don't get the horrible flu like symptoms that many people get but that is such a small price to pay for feeling better. I have started a headache but nothing tylenol won't help. Hope all are doing well and finding relief from their symptoms




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