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02/25/2012 08:23 PM

New to Anemia

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Doctors had told me for awhile that I was anemic, but didn't stress it. I was having neurological issues - cognitive issues, anxiety, depression and brain spikes (near seiuzures.) When I asked the doctor if my problems could be related to anemia or a possible B12 deficiency she laughed it off.

I moved soon after and started at a new doctor. He was alarmed to find that my iron level was an 8! My ferritin was 44. Because I have some GI problems - constipation caused by possible celiac's he sent me to get iron infusions. I had my first of six. At that appointment the blood doctor, who took blood the week before, said my ferrtin level was still going down and now my ferritin was at 14.

Two questions:

- is my ferretin extremely low?

- could the neurological problems be related?

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02/26/2012 10:15 PM
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Hi anemic1228,

Welcome. Your ferritin is pretty low, but it should come up with the infusions. We aren't doctors or nurses or anything on here, just fellow anemics who can share our experiences and what we've learned along the way.

All that to say that I think you are right in suspecting that the anemia and possibly B12 deficiency have something to do with your cognitive issues, anxiety and depression. I'm not familiar with brain spikes, but B12 is all about the nervous system, so it sounds plausible. Seems like you know what you are talking about, and also have better doctors now than you did. If you don't start to feel better in about 6 weeks, you'll know and your blood work will show that there needs to be further testing. In the mean time, take good care of yourself, eat well and get enough rest so your body can start to get better.

03/08/2012 05:08 PM
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Welcome, Anemic!

We have had a this discussion before about neurological issues and anemia. We are finding together that there "feels like" a connection among us sufferers/survivors, but so far it doesn't seem to be recognized/documented. Where are the researchers?? Smile

Your #s do seem low to me (a non-medical professional.) The symptoms are not fun at all...keep finding the medical team that will support you and HEAR you.

Let us know how you're progressing.


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