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10/20/2009 08:45 PM

my hero, my father

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my father owns his own taxi and delivery service. he started the company basically on his own and with one van and now after 10 years he has moved up to four 15 passenger vans and one mini van. he is not one of those jackasses that sit on their butts all day and do nothing. he works from 4 in the morning til about 9 at night sometimes later but he does have breaks in between. in may he had his left foot amputated due to an infection caused by a cast being worn for a hairline fracture. he is a diabetic but the amputation had nothing to do with the diabetes. he was in the hospital til the end of july. a week after coming home, he got his prosthetic foot and basically started walking with a walker. six weeks after getting his prosthetic foot he was walking without any support and he can drive and work. just today he was fitted again for a computerized prosthetic foot. i kno that it does take longer for other people but my dad who will be 50 in about 2 and a half weeks looked at his amputation as an obstacle to over come and he had 2 get better for me and my four other siblings. he had determination and he is already working again as a volunteree for an ambulate service.

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