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05/02/2012 10:30 AM

Double Leg Amputees?(page 3)

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In that "reply" you said since "trying the hyperbaric." Does that mean you actually did go see it and had a treatment? If so congradulations on giving it a try.It takes more than a few dives to get the effects but if you made it thru one I am very very plseased for I know that it was a big step for you.

Just in case I read that wrong I stiil have faith that whatever options you have things will turn out alright.

It doesn't matter if you can remember who is what. The most important thing is that you are posting messages here. We need more people to post on here so that others can offer support or guidence.

When I first joined there were 6-7-8 of us in constant contact daily. Evbery single day there were at least two or three people on here who posted. It was fun to click onto our forums and see 2 or 3 or more posts since we left the day before .Every day brought something new to see. It was fun to keep upto date. Now it seems to be an empty hole.

This site works or was working quite well when I left back in January to go to a state college for a certified nursing assistant Certificate. This was a busy site back then. Every once in a while when you are posting a long message like this it just disappears and noone knows why. I am going to end this one and then post further



05/02/2012 02:34 PM
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I am comming guys and girls! don't give me up!

05/02/2012 03:10 PM
opsmanPosts: 475


Great post, your right, there seems to be a lack of others posting. Others posting is what kept this site active and it sure helped me by reading and offering whatever advice I could to others.

05/02/2012 03:14 PM

Hi. Yeah, I did barely make it thru almost one time (I ended it about fifteen minutes ahead). But afterward I broke down in tears and since then can hardly think of even being in there.

So, today I wheeled out of my dr's office...I was wiping tears and feeling stressed on my way in. In light of that and how long the appts. usually are, I asked nicely if there were any way to skip the wound photos, etc. just this time. The doctor said to the nurse in the middle of the hallway without even acknowledging me, "No. If she can't do things as we do them she can leave."

Nothing like "unfortunaltey we have to do those steps for insurance" or whatever. True Dr. X style. I refused to cry in front of this cold man (again) and just left!

I think the surgeon, a podiatrist, might follow the site if I ask.

Anyway, so that's how things "stand" at the moment ;/.

05/02/2012 04:52 PM
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Your care givers don't seem to be listening to you. I do not want to tell you you need a new doctor because that is not my place. That is a decision that you have to make. It may be more difficult for you to start again. I just do not know what to tell you.

As far as doing the chamber once I am proud for you. That was a huge hurdle and you made it. You were so ashamed the other day and here I find you did actually do it once. What a great accomplishment. You are stronger than you think. Now you know what it is and when you are ready, if and I mean if, you ever decide to try again you now know that you can. Unfortunately just one visit isn't enough. Being honest I would say that it took 8-10 times before anyone really sees the "effects". The other guys that were with me were doubfull until that second week and then they were true believers and thrilled to get in for the next one.

No matter what happens from now on you can keep and hold your head up high and know that you can do anything if you give it one good attempt. As far as the pictures they only took them once a week for me and it was not a problem at all. Do they do it every time or how often are your visits?

I think the pictures are for seeing how things are progressing and they can look back at the week by week progress.

There is nthing wrong with crying about anything that involves us amputees. We are a special breed and until you have an amputation you just flat do not know the feelings that go with it. I don't know how much other people cried but I did alot before and after my amputation. I asked those on this site and they said to cry when you want to and when you need to. After a few weeks I found that my crying was better than before but there is nothing that helps the heart more than to get into a really good crying session. There were times that I cried for 8-10 minutes just sobbing, and when I was done I felt alot bettrer. As time went on I cried less and less. Its only been 7 months for me and tho I don't cry anymore I will still stare at my hand and look at what is different between my right hand and my left. And you know what? It's gone and I know that taking it was the right thing to do. Yes it causes me alot of changes in my daily life but the pain is gone. While we were trying to save the finger I was on 4 to 6 oxycodones a day and I was scared to death of becoming addicted but I wasn't and I havn't had to take a pain pill in months.So that may be a good thing for you. I don't know how much pain you have. For me it is all gone. Only "pain" I have is the phantom sensation of feeling how my finger was for all those months.

This is a very frightening thing to have to experience and we all are different. But you are much stronger than you think. Hang in there because you are making progress and when you need us just give us a post like you just did and we will help. If you need to cry come here and cry without any thoughts of feeling weak with us. Just remember we have all been there.

I am very proud of you and your accomplishment. Stand tall. I will keep you in my prayers as will all of us here.


05/03/2012 06:43 AM

Thanks, Cookieman. I agree crying is cathartic and totally normal under various circumstances.

Losing part of one's body is not only physical, it is emotional. I will probably call the surgeon later today.

05/03/2012 07:19 PM
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Its definetly more than physical! You go through every stage of grieving with an amputation! And everybody goes through those stages in there own time. As far as the chamber goes...Girl doing it once was an accomplishment! If you dont feel like you can do it again then dont "force" youself! Anxiety is a hard thing to deal with and only you can conquer it! So just be proud of yourself for the accomplishments youve made and keep your head up!!

05/04/2012 07:15 AM

Thanks, Chicana. Good to hear from you Smile .

05/07/2012 10:01 AM
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Any suggestions for a double below knee amputee finding a support group system without the use of computer/internet. My mom had her surgery in 2001 and has had a very hard time emotionally along with all the health issues and new physical issues. She has yet to meet or talk with any other double amputees and finds herself feeling completely alone. She has never picked up an interests in computer or internet. I am still working on that aspect. I would like to hear from others that may know where to look for support groups for her. Or even some one on one with someone going through some of the same things she is dealing with. She continuously gets knots on the back of her knees that stay around for an extended period of time and causes her to be out of commission for a while(she refuses to go anywhere without her prosthesis and detests the use of a wheelchair even when her prosthesis are on.) The knots cause severe pain along with mental anguish. Any advice would be much appreciated. I have a strong desire to see my mother genuinely smile and be happy once again even in some small way. Thank you and God Bless.

05/07/2012 10:06 AM
MommaFoorePosts: 78

Ask her Doctor and hospitals.

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