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08/20/2011 04:10 PM

Final Days

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I want to thank all of you for your support and care. We were told today that my Dad has probably about a week left to live. He is shutting down rapidly.

My sister and brother brought Dad home from the nursing home a little over a week ago. A home-health aide has been coming in daily and the nurses from home hospice have been terrific. Dad even stood up by himself and walked a few steps. Things seemed to be very positive.

Just a couple of days ago, Dad began hallucinating. He was carrying on steady conversations with the people he was seeing in English and Polish! He seemed very calm and happy. Since he began hallucinating, his body began shutting down. He is in a great deal of pain, and has stopped eating and drinking anything. My sister has been told that she should not try to push him to eat or drink. Our job now is just to keep him as comfortable as possible.

We're trying to figure out how soon we should go home. From everything we hear, I doubt it will really be a week. We desperately want him to be in peace and not suffering any more, but it is so very difficult to say good-bye. Sandy


08/20/2011 05:34 PM
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I guess I am confused about whether you intend to leave before he is gone. If he has only a few days now, would you not be returning when he is gone? Every family and every person is different. I think only you can answer the question about what is right for your family. There are no "right" answers for everyone, so do what you think best. We are supporting your decision here. ANW

09/05/2011 04:52 PM
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well my heart goes out to you, but you must do what you think you need at this point. there are so many points that we do not know about. my sister had a daughter in her home and hospice told her there was no way she could live out the week, she lived for 3 weeks. without water or food.

we just do not know.

I pray for you to just take care of what time you have left.

It has been a long time since I Have been on here, my work leaves me exhaussted at night and almost forgot how to do this.

09/05/2011 11:01 PM
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It is a difficult time and all I wish and pray for is that he goes peacefully to his just reward. My prayers are with you at this time



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