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08/11/2009 05:08 PM

had a bad day almost drank

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I had a really bad emotional day today. Yesterday I found out at the place that I volunteered at they weren't considering hiring me and wanted to hire someone else. The first thing when I went in she told me she was leaving the organization as executive director. I went into today to tell my boss that I wouldn't be coming in anymore because I didn't have money for gas and needed to find a job and I enjoyed my time volunteering. I asked her for feedback on my performance. She gave me negative feedback and then told me I understand you are angry thanks for leaving us in the lurch. I was pissed but polite I said thank you and walked out. I cried in the car and wanted so badly to go to the liquor store. I talked to my uncle on the phone and went out to lunch with my parents instead. This is my problem I base my whole self worth on my job. I want to do social work so bad. How to get past it? I didn't drink still tempted to but won't. Still feeling very emotional and upset.

08/12/2009 09:51 AM

I'm sorry anoronha. That is a tough pill to swallow. It doesn't sound like the organization was run very well...therefore you will get people that just dont care about others. Unfortunately you had to get the brunt of that situation. I'm sure many others were treated like that as well; so don't think you were singled out. You are better than that and your intentions were good ... for pete's sake you were volunteering and helping!! I can see that you are a very good person...hang in there...something better will come along. Good things will happen to good people. I'm so glad you didn't drink. How's AA going?

08/12/2009 11:03 AM
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Anoronha, I'm sorry you had a bad experience with this job, it's happened to me, before, too. Even if it was just volunteering it still meant a lot to you. I'm glad you didn't drink. That's the important thing. The other important thing is to get back out there and find another job. If you want to do social work then I say go for it. There's plenty of need for it. Don't let one bad experience stand in your way. Just put this one in the past which is where it is and move forward.

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