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03/10/2009 05:58 AM

bi polar alcoholic

gums76Posts: 2
New Member

Need to stop drinking to get better.Catch 22.

03/10/2009 08:35 AM
seabassPosts: 656

same with alcoholism and depression, catch 22. which do you go after first? can't tackle them together.

one thing at a time. and i think the alcoholsim is step one. can't think clearly until off the sauce.

03/10/2009 09:43 AM
starbrightPosts: 7344
VIP Member

i'm also bipolar gums, seabass is right, alcoholism is step one, we need to get clean and sober before we can takle the issues bipolar brings to the table.

03/10/2009 04:00 PM
Posts: 2316
VIP Member

I don't know which one SHOULD come first, but I know that I got sober first. I was sober for a while before I was diagnosed with bi-polar. But I didn't even know I was bipolar when I was drinking. I know that drinking with those meds is a big no-no. They don't go together and can cause some major side effects. I also know that it is very hard to stay sober without taking care of the bipolar. I think they both have to be taken care of one way or the other. I haven't drank for 16 years and I've been taking meds for most of that time. I'll be honest, the meds didn't always work and they weren't always the right ones and I even went for periods of time without taking them. But life is much easier when I am sober and taking the properly dispensed meds. It's hard to be bipolar and alcoholic. But you can take care of both.

03/11/2009 01:12 PM
Posts: 235

Hi gums - I went through hell with my bipolar disorder for many years because I was on and off meds and there never was a time that I took my meds and didn't drink.

So important to get the alcohol out so that the bipolar meds can have a chance to work. My very best to you. Annie

03/11/2009 10:28 PM
Posts: 1643
Senior Member

I also agree that becoming sober first is the right step. I struggled for years not knowing I was bipolar. I was a periodic drinker and now looking back I know it was when I was manic. I have been sober for almost 13 years now and I have known about my bipolar for 12 years. I always knew their was something not quite right with me, but couldn't figure it out. Sobriety is the best thing that ever happened to me.

03/23/2009 07:47 PM
Posts: 5

My fiance has been diagnosed bipolar for about five years now. He has not been sober longer than two weeks in that time. Within the past two years he has not been sober longer than 3 days. Believe me when I say that I am GRATEFUL for those days. It is hard to love someone who is going through this. But not only do I love him, I am committed. I've never been a quitter- I'm that person that digs in my heels and finds a solution. Any advice for me?

I'm in Tampa- anyone local?


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