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05/12/2012 06:17 PM

Day 70

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Shooting for 90 here. I actually gave up drinking for two reasons. One, it certainly couldn't hurt; I am 54 soon to be 55 and have been drinking for 20 years. the last 5 years were a bit rough emotionaly for me and my drinking increased from social to every day. the second reason is that my partner of a year and a half is a recovering opiate addict fresh out of rehab, well, 70 days ago. He's had a couple of slip ups in those 70 days. I don't do meetings here in town, I get my support online and that works for me. the first week I had a problem sleeping but that quickly went away. i am not medicated in any way. I do have a GIANT coffee addiction now however. And Jelly Beans. Christ the Jelly Beans. Anyway, because I don't do meetings I thought I would join this group because what started out as something simple has turned into, well, something somewhat dramatic. meaning, I'm kinda proud of myself and the effects of eliminating alcohol from my life have been remarkable. I feel so clear! Now about the coffee and jelly beans! Just wanted to say hello here and maybe, er, get a bit of applause for hitting 70 days. I don't want to make a deal of it at home because my partner is back to counting smaller numbers. Paul

05/12/2012 11:40 PM
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Great job working your program. Just remember how insane that taking that first drink is. Life still happens, but how I react is much different. It sounds like you are doing this for you, and that seems to be the foundation for us. Keep it up!

05/13/2012 10:08 AM
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Group Leader

Great work. What help are you getting online. I go to AA for my support and have made many friends. My sponser and I are close friends now. I see or talk to him every day.

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