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03/13/2012 12:04 PM

Replacement beverages- good or bad idea?

LunaNoirPosts: 22
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In previous instances of trying to go clean, I thought it would be clever to "trick" my body and mind into thinking I was drinking alcohol. This meant slurping my way through non-alcoholic beer, or sipping grape juice from a wine glass. It always backfired.

Now I'm replacing with drinks that aren't at all associated with booze. I'm currently having a love affair with decaf Earl Grey tea at night- calming, soothing, gives me warm fuzzies for many reasons (perhaps most of all because I can drink it 100% guilt-free!). I always keep fresh lemons in my fridge so I can have a big, satisfying glass of water with tons of ice and lemon. I'm steering clear of juices my mind sees as mixers for now (like OJ, unfortunately- I did enjoy my fair share of Screwdrivers).

So is it a bad idea to maintain the "routine" of drinking a lot of beverages at night, even if they're non-alcoholic? Or does that habit need to be done away with too?


03/13/2012 01:23 PM
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Group Leader is a good thing that you are doing this. I drink alot of coffee and coke. May of us think switching to beer or wine is a good idea instead of drinking the hard stuff. It just means you have to drink more and it is just alcohol. You may find it difficult however if you drink the non-alcoholic beer. My wife says are not goin to even drink that because it always ended with me drinking the real stuff.

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03/14/2012 07:29 PM
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I agree - I drink water and lemon almost all day and night -- from after my morning coffee (which really helped me quit b/c I got those flavored creamers (irish whiskey is great and the hazlenut too). Wine or my favorite, ginger brandy, just didn't taste good after coffee!

I used to wake up and have Ginger Brandy in my tea then Ginger Brandy in my Ginger Ale then just straight Ginger Brandy. Then around 1pm napped and rarely had more Ginger Brandy at night. But I got my morning buzz and that's what I wanted.

Now I just love having my coffee and actually a banana or something small (I was never a breakfast eater) and then water and lemon add day long! (I always have a dry mouth). Remember the smoothies Dr. Oz talks about and the wonderful concoctions one of the members in the cirrhosis group drinks when she goes out - sounds terrific....pomegranite and cranapple juice etc.- virgin delicious drinks). Now my "buzz" is natural! Whew - never thought I would be able to say that. Keep it up!! You're doing great! Ru

03/16/2012 10:15 AM
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I've heard that lemons actually help to detoxify the liver. I've only heard it once so I don't know if it's true, but it's worth a shot even if it's only for the extra vitamins you get. One of the worst side effects of alcohol is that it's dehydrating. I came very close to dying from it and my potassium and sodium level were dangerously low. It's really hard to sober up, especially when you know how sick you're going to be. Drink your little heart away. Water will even make your skin nicer! Congratulations and hang in there. I'd be happy to chat anytime the going gets rough.

03/16/2012 10:56 PM
LunaNoirPosts: 22
New Member

Thanks for the input, folks.

Ruth, I'll have to try the smoothie idea when I feel I'm "ready". Right now anything blended with ice would just make me crave a margarita or pina colada, so probably a little too close to home for comfort...

Chart, thanks for the info about the effect of lemons on the liver. I'll have to pass that along to friends/acquaintances I know who are also trying to cut back (or eliminate) their alcohol use.


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