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05/08/2011 11:38 AM

Mothers Day!

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Hello Dear Ladies and i a Wishing that all MOTHERS have a good mothers day. I know for some of us it is a thrill to be showered with love from our kids, and i am so happy for you. And there are those who family has distanced themselfes from you due to your past drinking , i am hoping that is not the case for you. If so then know we love you and will be here for you and forgiveness will happen. Then for some it is bittersweet like myself some of us has lost a child to death or other reasons i fit in this catagory my son mikey died almost 3 years ago now, so today i have found myself missing him, i will have to read positive affirmations before i go out to dinner so my other son doesn't know the deep sadness i feel. So nomatter what catagory you are in i wish all a fine day, relax spol yourself and take it easy, Have a great day, Much Love to all MOTHERS and be blessed today, love to al in the group, Debi

05/08/2011 05:37 PM
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HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY !!! I hope every one of the Mothers on here had something good happen to them no matter how small today.

Today, I got to sleep in and then I got to take a nap too. It has been quiet here today and now it is evening and it is starting to shower some. I love the rain!! The perfect Day for this Mother of two !!

What did you do today ???W00t W00t Cool Laughing

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