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02/24/2011 04:23 PM

hi there

odiecomPosts: 207

just checking in to see if everyone is doing ok these days. not to much goin on lately. i hope everyone is doing well.

02/24/2011 11:32 PM
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Doing life on lifes terms.

02/25/2011 08:38 AM
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Oh yes, and it is very interesting each day to see what life brings us, sometimes good sometimes bad but always interesting, and living and accepting these terms is quite a trick.What is interesting to me is watching my higher power work, how awesome it is to see a bad situation turn into a blessing, i enjoy waking up now i remember back when i would pass out and come to. How aweful living like that was, and today i am excited for each new day, much love to all, Debi

02/25/2011 01:06 PM
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I have recently been reminded that it is not a requirement from me to understand other people, even when they don't understand me. Life is larger than that and that is exactly as it should be. When people find themselves in a situation that calls for 100% understanding that can be called a miracle and a blessing. Too many times we find ourselves in situations where there is very little understanding or patience with self or any one. That is OK. We all have our issues and not every one can or will make the effort to underatand things from the other guys viewpoint. I do not expect others to be on the same page as I am. That could be asking way too much from the other guy. And that is OK too.Some times we get into conversations that are doomed from the start. People become upset and agitated on some level b/c they might, just maybe might demand the other to make a giant leap to their style of communication, education,and life experience. That is an awful lot to expect from someone and the result can become way less than ideal. Expectations can lead us down that path we might be better off just letting things go; without punitive remark and prejudice. Running the other guy down is not acceptable nor God's will for anyone. That is self will kicking God to the curb. This is when we find ourselves riding along in a cart going backwards. Admitting our wrongs, lack of understanding can be very releasing for one's own well being and restoration to clearer thinking. If all is not well all the time then maybe just backing off might be just the answer, certainly worth a try. It is better than making threats towards some one to add insult to injury all ready done. Threats can cause more trouble than lying, cheating or stealing. Who needs to be put thru that; and it will never work things out either. So, in summary of things of this nature for God's sake just put it all down and out of your head and don't let it eat at you. Tomorrow can bring another whole new set of challenges and then we find ourselves wondering; what was such a big deal about yesterday.Life is just like a series of events, period. Let go and let God. He knows all things, all hearts and all intentions, good or not so good.

May your troubles for the day soon leave you in a better place with more life experience to lean on. Thank you all so much for reading this important entry. I hope it gets us all to thinking, thinking, thinking.Shocked Whistling Wassat Ermm Ermm Laughing

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