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11/25/2008 07:29 PM

Abusing alcohol but not quite alcoholic??

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Hi, I'm brand new to this group. I don't know if I'm what would be considered alcoholic but definately abuse alcohol. I don't have to drink every day, or in the mornings, but I feel like I need to drink atleast once or twice a week, and I do. I suffer with anxiety and drinking seems to be the only way to feel better. When I do drink I can't just have one or two. I always drink until I'm stumbling, and sometimes until I black out. My husband and friends have told me they don't like the way I am getting about drinking and I really do care about them and want to listen, but despite their requests for me to cut back, I just can't. It just feels good to drink, but I always feel guilty the next day. I feel like I'm not physically addicted enough to go to AA, I don't really know where to turn, but I know I am not having any luck dealing with this myself. And if nothing else, I am actually getting worse. Any advise would be great!!

11/25/2008 09:20 PM
cirquepourvousPosts: 1710
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hey - how do you know if you're an alcoholic? some say just asking the question suggests strongly that you probably are. there are degrees of alcoholism, ranging from vast quantities each day to situations more like you have described. i would say your pattern looks like binge drinking - in control most of the time but when you drink you really drink. i was the same. and it makes it very easy to tell yourself you have control. i'm no big fan of aa because just showing your face is an implicit admission that you're alcoholic. the major mental hospital here has a large section for addiction - from therapy to major medical problems to rehab.

from what i read, you think you that it's very possible that you're an alcoholic and i would agree. the best part of all this is that you're awareness is the best tool you have to take steps before things get worse.

hope this helps.


11/25/2008 09:58 PM

Hi Princess,

Welcome to the Alcoholism Group. Terry is right.

When you drink to lose control; you are drinking past moderation. You are drinking to self-medicate and medication is not for pleasure. It is to escape into euphoria and then the guilt the next day is your conscience telling you that you have done something wrong. Also when people start to notice and delicately try to approach you about it; that means that it's more than obvious.

I don't mean to be harsh at all. I was the same way for so, so long and then my addiction grew and I was eventually drinking morning, noon and night. I started out with wine, then bottles of wine and then in the end turned to the Vodka straight from the bottle...and I hate hard liquor...but it was medication for my past.

It turns to compulsion and you drink even when you don't want to...

Drinking severly affects anxiety and causes it to get worse over time. It happend to me and I try and manage my anxiety with mind over matter since I can't take opiates to fix it.

I just want you to know that I am here to listen to you. You can ask me anything you want and I will give you an honest answer. Blacking out is a BIG sign that something is wrong. Alcoholism is progressive and will eventually lead to more trouble.

I am here for support. I hope this helps you and feel free to post and ask questions; you will get support here and it is a safe place to learn more.



11/26/2008 02:10 PM
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I am new as well.

I know that I am abusing alcohol, but don't agree with the disease model. It may work from some, but I still think that I can control it.

The thing is....(I think) is fixing the issues you want to escape by drinking. I also think that it is a habit.

If they are fixed or dealt with in a production way, I do believe we can be social drinkers.

But, you also have to STOP drinking first in order to deal with those issues.

11/26/2008 05:26 PM
cirquepourvousPosts: 1710
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hey and hi sarah - i have a few comments on your ideas. the disease thing is whatever it is. some people believe in the concept others think it's an easy out. the problem that you are faced with is if you can control your habit of drinking, why don't you just do it? if you can't, why can't you? is it an issue of personal moral weakness.

you're right drinking is escapism, getting away from difficult issues. it's a chicken and egg proposal and you seem to argue both. you escape issues by drinking, but you have to stop drinking to deal with those issues. that'll be a good trick.

but congrats as you recognize you have a problem and are examining how to move forward. that's a big step forward itself.



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