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04/07/2011 11:12 AM

GRRRR! I really hate doctors!

echobunnyPosts: 19
New Member

I know it's been quite a while since I last posted, but I have a HUGE beef with the medical industry as a whole right now.

I've been going to this mental health clinic for a while now. It took like a 3 month waiting list to get in, since upon realizing sort of how they operate since going there, they give you the dope doctor before they give you the one that tries to help you by talking. He's super fast to get into, like same day appointments. Funny huh?

So why I do to this doctor is because I, like I'm sure a lot of us are, am strapped for cash and they do a sliding scale program.

I find it to be more of a curse than a blessing in this case because so many of the people that go their put their blind faith and trust in these doctors without researching the crazy pills they make them eat every day, that make them crazier and the endless cycle of scamming the government out of money turns and turns, but that's a rand for another time.

THIS is my rant-- I have horrible panic attacks and agoraphobia, obviously fairly common for this audience, I'm sure. The first drug they put me on, I couldn't fall asleep for over 5 DAYS. They switched my meds. This pill they gave me, made me sleep for over 20 hours at a time after eating just 1/3 of the recommended dose. so if I took 15mg of this horrifying medicine and lost almost a day of my life to it, what was the full 45mg going to do to me?

All the while I', talking to my dr saying I dont think I really need these pills, i just want something to be able to give me a push start out the door while I try to work with my social worker with CBT. HE said what I was asking for, only drug addicts come and ask him for them so I must be a drug fiend. (.5 mg of adivan that i can break in half and take part of in the morning and then later in the after noon makes me a drug fiend? Really?)

SO I printed out common agoriphobia medications along with actual case studies upon case studies, marking the success rates of them coupled with cbt and not one of them had less than a 76% success rate of the people in the studies being COMPLETELY medication free and living a normal and active life style after 2 years.

So he stared me down and wrote me a script for an anihistimine and a pain pill predominately for epileptics, pain from nerve damage so to HERPES! and people going through withdraws from methemphetimine use.

So I called the doctor and he wasnt in, so I talked to the nurse and said "Well ma'am..seeing as I'm not a herpes riddled epileptic meth head with an allergy problem, is it possible he just made a mistake?

The nurse actually said "What you get is what you get so take it or leave it."

I said Well I think i'd like to switch doctors because the pills he's putting me on make me feel like I'm actually going crazy, they're not helping my panic attacks, its they're just making everything feel worse to the point where I have to consciously think about moving my feet in the correct order just not fall over."

After I said that she laughed at me and said "Do whatever ya want to lady, but good luck finding another office with a sliding scale to take in people like you."

I was baffled. Completely and utterly baffled.

So after all this happened and I actually got to speak to my dr, he told me that those are the pills he's giving me, and if I don't take them he's going to be contacting in-treatment facilities to manage my an honest to god threat that he'd put me in a loony bin!

So I guess my point is, going to a doctor to discuss medicine to help manage panic attacks is now apparently an offense that will get you threatened to get institutionalized if you even think about saying the word "Xanax"

This has obviously not helped my panic attacks, and has set me about 25 feet back down that horrible hole I thought I had been doing so well at digging myself out of as of late.

Sorry for the long rant. Sad


04/07/2011 11:55 AM
jmickPosts: 13899
VIP Member

The fact that they won't prescribe you benzos doesn't surprise me too much... unfortunately everyone is a little paranoid about it these days, and places that accept medicaid or have a sliding fee scale are the most unlikely to prescribe them.

...but how completely rude these people were to you is shocking to me. I'm speechless.

I don't know what I would do if I was in your situation. When I first moved to this area, I called every single psychiatrist that accepted medicaid, and every single one turned me down -- it wasn't that they weren't taking new patients, they weren't taking new MEDICAID patients. Finally, after a month of searching, I found someplace that wasn't on the list... they must have just started taking medicaid or something, and they took my case. But if they had treated me the way you are being treated, I would not have had anyplace else to go, so I can understand you may be in a tough spot.

As far as having you "committed," that's just ridiculous. They would need to show that you were a danger to yourself or someone else... like if you made a suicide attempt they would have justification. But it's ridiculous for him to make such a threat.

Unfortunately, I can't think of many options for you. I would search as best you can for someplace else. As far as benzos, I would never ask for them. Simply tell them how bad your panic attacks and anxiety are, and let them come to the conclusion on their own. It's a silly game, but if a patient goes in asking for benzos, they are often automatically labeled a drug-seeker.

The best alternative I have found to tranquilizers are actually antihistamines. You can buy them over the counter for very cheap -- I get a generic benadryl brand. If they work for you, it eliminates the need to see a doctor to get a prescription. I would say you should also be on an anti-depressant, but I have been on tons of them, I'm on two right now, and none of them have ever helped with anxiety. Frankly, I don't think they're even doing much for my depression, but I guess I can't know for sure unless I stop taking them. Who knows, maybe I'd be even more depressed than I am now without them.

04/07/2011 12:07 PM
Posts: 184

Sorry to hear you've had such a horrible experience. As if the panic wasn't enough! During both my pregnancies, I got horrible panic and could not take benzos. One thing that helped me a lot was drinking a combination of linden and chamomile tea. I don't know where you live but if you have access to Latin products, the tea is called tilo in Spanish. The combination of both helped calmed me down. Maybe you can try that out.

Have you considered submitting a complaint to the psychatry board in your area? I'm laughing as I write this because I know that when I've been where you are, I would never be able to do something like that: too much energy to be expended, too much anxiety, too little concentration. It is just a thought.

Hope you can find someone else to help you out. Peace

04/07/2011 12:25 PM
jmickPosts: 13899
VIP Member

I had the same thought about making a complaint, but honestly I don't think there's much they can do just because he's a rude jerk. There would have to be some real evidence of medical malpractice for anything to be done to him.

Whatever you do, I hope you don't accept that woman's remark that you have no other options, and you're stuck with them. We always have choices, even if sometimes they're hard to find.

04/07/2011 12:40 PM
echobunnyPosts: 19
New Member

Yeah and honestly, that's the thing...I didnt go in there asking for benzos.. I didnt even know how to pronounce the actual term when I was reading the case studies to my social worker and he rattled off the name to me and told me to discuss it with the psychiatrist I see that's in the same building.

But Honestly. I don't want pills. I hate pills. Every single time he gives me a prescription for something I take it home and google it before I fill it because I'm terrified of medication that you have to take every single day just to give people in public situations the illusion that you're "normal" like them.

I don't even drink diet soda because I don't feel some of the fake sweeteners are something I want floating around my bloodstream.

I also understand that I cant get better unless I ask for help. So this was me, appeasing my mother's wishes (Who has been a nurse for about 35 years by the way) and sucking up my pride and going somewhere I thought could help me. I wanted to talk to a therapist first, and then maybe talk to a medical doctor once I felt comfortable with the options laid out in front of me, but that wasn't even an option. I had to talk to the pill guy first that put me on all sorts of wacky things, and every time I asked him about side effects he would either say "Oh it makes you a bit drowsy," or "Nothing really." When in reality I go home and there's a list as long as my arm and all of them exacerbate my problems instead of reduce them. Then to try to put me on a pill that's for people who street drug users to reduce their withdraw symptoms?

I just feel like he took the drug book in his hands, and with closed eyes he opened the book pointed to something at random and said to himself "Yep! that's the one I pick today!"

I understand patient rights, and I've actually worked in the medical field for many years before these panic attacks started...but I guess my main question is.. What about the people who havent? What about the people who need help and are putting their blind faith in this man because he's a trained professional?

I'm trying it with no meds now. The therapist honestly had to twist my arm to even make another appointment with him and I only agreed to it if the appointment was at a time that the other doctor is out of the office.

Everyone always says benadryll is something good to take because it makes them drowsy. I can understand that....and i suppose that would make you relaxed under the right setting...but it makes me very twitchy and paranoid when i take it, so I don't take it when I have a cold. I take zinc.

5 hour energy--that stuff that they advertise on tv to be a nice pick me up...yeah....I drank half a bottle of that once and it made me goofy retarded for about 20 minutes and I fell asleep for like 6 hours. There's a lot of things that work opposite for me in that way...and I guess no matter what you tell the doctor about the way drugs work for you as far as your knowledge goes, at the end of the day it doesnt really matter. He's going to think whatever he's going to think about you and that will be that. You can "discuss" anything you like with doesnt mean he doesnt already have his mind made up that you're a liar before you even sit in his chair.

I'm done with it all.

04/07/2011 01:03 PM
jmickPosts: 13899
VIP Member

Drugs definitely affect different people in different ways. I'm on Valium, which is supposed to have such a tranquilizing effect and take away the anxiety, but I can take really high doses and it does nothing for me. I'm on a "stimulating" anti-depressant, but it sure doesn't stimulate me. I don't necessarily sleep all day, but I'm laying down on the couch pretty much all day, and have very little energy. I know it's depression, but that's what this "stimulating" anti-depressant is supposed to be fixing.

If you're against meds, talk therapy is definitely the next option, but I can understand if you're hesitant there as well. I used to go to a therapist once a week, now that I have no health insurance I go once a month. It doesn't hurt to talk things over with someone, but it certainly isn't helping my panic attacks, anxiety or depression. I think the reason I still go is to appease family as well. I feel like I "owe" it to them to try every possible way of getting better.

That may change very quickly, though, now that I am on disability. I can support myself financially, and therefore no longer feel obligated to anyone. It's time for me to attack agoraphobia my way, whatever that ends up meaning.

04/07/2011 01:03 PM
Posts: 184

Unfortunately, it is still not done because you are still feeling what made you seek help in the first place. I know how frustrating it is when doctors don't respect you, listen to your concerns and decide they know what is best for you. I've been there before. Don't let them take the fight out of you.

I would suggest you take a deep breath and once you feel strong enough, do as Kevin says and try looking for someone else. No one has a right to treat you like that.

I know money is an issue, but if you can and know of a good one, acupunture has helped me in the past too. I so much wish you weren't going through this!

04/08/2011 06:52 AM
SillyOMePosts: 21588
VIP Member

Kevin.. you give such good advice. That was a really interesting thread. I can't believe they treated you like that. I was floored!

It's always the liars and bad people, that ruin things for us honest people. Makes me sick!

You sound like you have a good head on your shoulders EchoBunnie... You will find a way.

04/08/2011 07:50 AM
Posts: 4184
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Good grief..I can't believe people who are meant to help can be so damn awful and get away with it .Why would any doctor want to give you meds that are obviously making you feel worse..stupid person .Its outragouse that you have to put up with this .

I will say though ,most doctors don't seem to have a clue about side effects with meds ,I have had to do my research and actually ask for the medication I felt would be best for me..and I was right too .I don't think my doc was too impressed that id done that but tough..its my body its getting put in to .

If you have problems with conventional meds than a herbal alternative may st Johns Wort or Valerian ,both help with anxiety and you don't need a doctor to get them .They tend to be much gentler on the system and have fewer side effects .You do need to research effective doses and check the quality of the product though ,a reputable health food store or herbalist should be able to tell you which products to avoid .

04/08/2011 08:41 AM
Posts: 3480
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Just to put my two cents in,be careful what ever you take some herbals will react with other medications, not that they are bad just that there is still side affects with other meds and some foods!

I do not like medication at all,and I am not on medication. I admit I am not where other's are in my recovery but I am moving at my own pace. And I do alot more now than I have done in 10 years! That is good in my book.

I use teas to calm me down and warm milk to sleep. And it helps that I am not usually on a schedule so I can sleep in on the nights I have trouble getting to sleep.

If your body reacts opposite to medications maybe you should ask them for Ritalin or something similar to it and see if it works better for you. I am NOT a doctor,but I have fired my fair share of them,because they were jerks like this doctor is to you or because their diagnosis was wrong and I was trying to stay alive! Doctors are human beings just like us,some of them are great and some of the are jerks that is just the way it is. Please do look for another doctor as I fear for your medical safety with this turkey!! HUGS, I know this is a hard time,but hang in there!!!

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