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05/15/2012 03:30 AM

What's Up? It's Tuesday, May 15, 2012

silverguyPosts: 5233
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G'Morning, The weather here in the Midwest is great! Today it's 80 and sunny, the birds are chirping and my bananas are still good. I think I'll go to the Dollar Store and spend some mindless cash on crap then go to Goodwill and work on my summer wardrobe. Everyone go out and have a super day, expose yourself!


05/15/2012 04:16 AM
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Good Morning,

I had a therapist appointment this morning, but I wasn't feeling so well, so I cancelled. Anyway all we ever talk about is how to calm the panic and anxiety and how am I doing. I am going to get a walk in if it doesn't rain, but what I really want to do is go for a long drive in the car. This is what I used to love doing. Just driving and enjoying the scenery. Instead I am going to be stuck in this stupid jail doing nothing. I hate agoraphobia.Cheryl V.

05/15/2012 04:36 AM
damselndistressPosts: 16968
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Oh Cheryl I wish I could come and pick you up.

I can't go far but I can get out a bit in the car.

It must be horrible feeling trapped that way.

The thing I keep reminding myself is situations can and do get very frustrating but for many of is they are always changing.

I just talked to a friend about this on Mother's Day.

She's at her wits end but her youngest son who she's raised on her own is graduating this year.

Same for me I'll have change as all 4 kids are finally in school all day and I'll have lots more time to myself.

Right before we get to that point if change we can have a tremendous feeling of being overwhelmed without even realizing how close we are to that change point.

So it was a time to remind her wow-you did it you raised your sons on your own and you maybe able to start making different plans very soon.

I think for you too Cheryl you're nearing a big shift because you're pushing yourself everyday to do more and you have strong determination to do more.

I hope you are able to do even more soon to help ease some of your frustration and discouragement.

I think many of us here can relate to how heavy and gloomy those feelings can be.

05/15/2012 04:40 AM
damselndistressPosts: 16968
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Morning Nancy!

The only plus that I can see in housework is I want to build muscle.

Especially my lower arms.

I actually thought scrubbing floors everyday might do it.

Down on my hands with a sponge?

I'll have to switch hands of course but that's how I've been trying to look at it lately.

I did find the stretchy bands too and I've been pulling on those.

I need a good work out.Smile

05/15/2012 04:44 AM
Posts: 469

Thanks Damsel, I have the car, I just hate being in it.

Nancy I hate cleaning also, part of it has to do with the depression. Depression is really hitting me hard right now. cheryl v.

05/15/2012 05:03 AM
damselndistressPosts: 16968
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Nancy do they realize half the people watching these shows are depressed to start with?

What a crappy ending!

I think my goal is to be able to ride a bike again without my heart going nuts again and getting all symptomatic.

If i look at that logically I probably need to train for that.

Keep trying to walk and build endurance if I can.

That would be a good long term goal for me.

Those panic attacks on long trips are strange.

I've had several.

To me it seemed to come from the motion of the car and then everything looked like it was going by too fast.

I begged my husband to call an ambulance right there on the highway.

Not sure I can travel very far yet in the car wihout that happening again but the short trips I was forced to do to take my son back and forth to school.

In the beginning my heart would just be pounding. And the onset of this was so sudden and extreme I really thought my whole body had gone haywire.

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05/15/2012 05:04 AM
Posts: 263

Good afternoon everybody!

I had an appointment this morning to see a prospective new school for my son. Appointments always set the panic off, i hate them! I almost backed out and handed over to my husband, but i managed to get through the anxiety and it wasn't too bad.

I hate housework too. My husband is so messy, and i have two dogs....its like a thankless job that lasts for 5 minutes until it needs doing again. Luckily, my 10 year old is very tidy! My husband could learn a thing or two from him lol.

Cheryl, i used to love driving too. I do still manage to get around in the car, but its not as enjoyable as it used to be. I keep telling myself that i need to do lots more exposure, out of my comfort zone, because for me, thats the only thing that works!

Have a great day everyone. You deserve it! Smile

05/15/2012 05:08 AM
damselndistressPosts: 16968
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Morning Jane!

Bravo on making the appt!! you go girl!

Silver do we get to see a fashion show later of that new summer wardrobe?

Is anybody else struggling in the clothing dept.

I have hardly anything.

It all fits on a couple shelves in my closet!

For so long I didn't go any where so it didn't matter.

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05/15/2012 06:22 AM
mimi84Posts: 9269
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Good morning. Smile Today I have a few things to do that I wasn't able to do this weekend. Then my exposure and after that I have no clue.. maybe read a's very dreary here today. We are expecting thunderstorms Dizzy

05/15/2012 06:43 AM
Posts: 469

Morning Mimi.

I just got back did my walk and did an extra block down a different street, I panicked but didn't give up and sucked on a tic tac instead of meds. Then hubby says do you want to take a drive, I needed milk and some women's things, so I said sure. Went with another tic tac in my mouth,panicking, but talking myself into it. Went into walgreens didn't panic!!!! got what I needed and took the long drive home and enjoyed seeing something different. I feel so much better. Now it is only 9:42 in the morning,probably watch some TV and nap( didn't get much sleep last night), but I am trying to control the panic and it seems to be working a little bit. I am so happy.

Cheryl v. ( sorry for the brag).


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