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05/01/2012 10:24 AM

What's Up? It's Tuesday, May 1, 2012(page 4)


okay, now it's birth certificate. Do you have any idea how much paperwork I should not have saved?

05/01/2012 11:43 AM
damselndistressPosts: 16970
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I hope you are able to find everything Mel.

I absolutely hate that!

Well the guys are finally gone.

They just hung out for a while not sure what was going on with that.

Is that what they call milking the clock?

I don't know. Laughing

I've got two of my tasks down about 3? more to go. Dizzy

Exposure is not fun.

I do not have on a happy face today this sucks.

And knowing I have extra things like picking up stamps just wigs me right out.

05/01/2012 11:50 AM

Ethereal if you are allowed to have a dog then go on line and adopt one!!! Just type in German Shepherd rescue!!!

This past weekend there were 6 beautiful German Shepherds for adoptions and they were so beautiful I wanted them!! Good thing they were too far away or they would be here right now~~

I love all dogs but like German Shepherds the most since I spent most my life raising the little stinkers!! My parents made big bucks selling those dogs but my brother and I did all the work and never saw a penny!! We had to train them before my parents would sell them. People will pay big bucks when they come to pick up the one they chose find that they are trained like K-9's. My parents knew a state policeman that trained German Shepherds for K-9 work. He showed us many things!! In fact he helped us sell most of our dogs for K-9 work. It made both my brother and I feel so proud when we would find out one of our little guys was good enough for K-9 work.

The parents were well trained as well and I think she had about 10 litters before my folks realized how hard it was to take care of them(after brother and I left home)

But the female was ready to quit I'm sure!!! Both parents Spirit the female and Storm the male lived out there lives in pure comfort.

05/01/2012 12:05 PM

my dad fell off the ladder again onto some rose thorns once again. second time the past 2 months. he NEVER learns. and I'm here thinking he's cracked his head open. *SMH* NEVER do dangerous things with anger (he was getting oranges down from the tree) !!!!!!!!!

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05/01/2012 01:56 PM

I made a salad and having a nothing day. Maybe I need a day off and just do nothing. Not likely. It's sunny and bright, that's good.

05/01/2012 02:08 PM

thanks Nancy . have a good rest

05/01/2012 02:17 PM

I'm playing my new dvd Alice in Wonderland, the Disney version. Animation movies and Disney always cheer me up.

05/01/2012 02:50 PM
mimi84Posts: 9269
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<<<< Hi >>>>>>>> Smile

05/01/2012 03:48 PM
Posts: 469

I just wanted to brag I made it into CVS( pharmacy here in the states , David) and bought some things. I was medicated on xanax but got in the store and made it out without dying. LOL. I also mowed the lawn (well most of it( have to finish the front tomorrow night when it is cool) and relaxed. My 14 yr old daughter is giving me lots of stress right now. She is coming up on end of the year testing. She does great in school ( has been on the A/B honor roll all year, but when it comes to these end of the year tests she has such low self esteem she gets nervous and doesn't pass. So she has been upset all afternoon which doesn't help my anxiety at all. Cheryl

05/01/2012 04:03 PM

oh,I'm home, I'm safe. I'm never going to the mall again, no matter how many panties I can get for how much money! I havn't been in 5 years, and it wasn't crowded, but everyone kept trying to sell stuff to me and I swear a guy with a herstyler started chasing me untill I bought the darn thing!!!!

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