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04/13/2012 09:31 AM

Finish the Sentence........or not!

silverguyPosts: 5233
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I'm an Advocate

1. I love...

2. Right now I want...

3. I feel like...

4. I hate it when...

5. I fear...

6. I'm lonely without...

7. I need...

8. Today I...

9. Tomorrow I'm...

10. I just...

11. I want to meet...

12. I'm hungry for...

13. I love it when...

14. I'm afraid of...

15. I'm listening to...

16. I'm wearing...

17. I wish I was in...

18. I'm craving...

19. I want to get...

20. I can...

21. I can't...

22. I have...

23. I haven't...

24. I'm nervous to...

25. My significant other thinks I'm...

26. My doctor thinks I'm...

27. I think I'm...

28. I'm happy when...

29. I'm sad when...

30. I like eating...

31. I hate eating...

32. I love watching...

33. I love listening to...

34. I like playing...

35. I hate waking up to...

36. I can see...

37. I'm glad that...

38. I'm disappointed that...

39. I look like...

40. I wish I looked like...


04/13/2012 10:34 AM

1. I love... DANCING!!

2. Right now I want... TO SHOWER.

3. I feel like... A brand new woman.

4. I hate it when... I don't challenge myself.

5. I fear... Growing old without really living.

6. I'm lonely without... my dog.

7. I need... my nappy.

8. Today I... will challenge myself in some way.

9. Tomorrow I'm... babysitting a little active boy.

10. I just... want to be me.

11. I want to meet... MILEY CYRUS!!!!!!

12. I'm hungry for... attention.

13. I love it when... I let out a good fart.

14. I'm afraid of... PANIC ATTACKS!

15. I'm listening to... The wind and rain.

16. I'm wearing... My robe and a sports bra and yoga pants.

17. I wish I was in...

18. I'm craving...

19. I want to get... better (:

20. I can... do anything I believe.

21. I can't... stand clicky people.

22. I have... a blessed life.

23. I haven't... showered yet.

24. I'm nervous to... work on myself but I'm also excited.

25. My significant other thinks I'm... the sexiest woman alive.

26. My doctor thinks I'm... a nut case.

27. I think I'm... beautiful.

28. I'm happy when... others are happy.

29. I'm sad when... I miss out on life.

30. I like eating... bland foods.

31. I hate eating... things that make your pee smell funky.

32. I love watching... a limited amount of tv (that shit rots your brain).


34. I like playing... my guitar.

35. I hate waking up to... a day with overcast.

36. I can see... more than black in white.

37. I'm glad that... I have a good support network.

38. I'm disappointed that... I'm not more independent.

39. I look like... a superstar.

40. I wish I looked like... No wishing in this category.

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04/13/2012 10:55 AM
Posts: 644
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Hi, 'silver',

Did you recieve my message re: videos of ddiary entries ? I hope I may learn a few things from your expertise. To all, a safe and happy Friday, 13th.

1. I love... My Country; and my friends, both here, and at MDJunction Smile

2. Right now I want... To grab a bite of lunch, and then--maybe--take a nice nap.

3. I feel like... Telephoning for Chinese Food to be delivered, but--alas--cannot afford it; too much month left.

4. I hate it when... 1) There's so little money left, until May.

2) Social Services who promise you the sun, moon, and stars, but

who cannot come up with anythng I really need. Or want.

5. I fear... Becoming more ill as I age.

6. I'm lonely without... Dear'silver',I live ALONE; I'm always pretty much lonely.

7. I need... 1) My, little, dreadful income increased at least X 3

2) Someone who knows how to cook; trying to cook for 'one' just SUX

8. Today I... 1) Got up

2) Tried on some new shorts

3) Looked at my e-mail, and submitted another diary entry.

9. Tomorrow I'm... Gonna do about the same as I did today, but, hope to sleep late,

distressing dreams.

10. I just... 1) Went to the bathroom.

2) Made my bed.

11. I want to meet... 1) My dear, dear friend for lunch at her ALF.

2) Some agent(s) who can REALLY make my life better.

12. I'm hungry for... 1) When you haven't yet had breakfast or lunch, LOTS of stuff

looks good; though, I'll probably have lunch a la microwave.

13. I love it when... 1) When the medication finally 'kicks' in, and I don't hurt as


2) When the day is quiet; Daisy is O.K.; NO whammies !

14. I'm afraid of... ( Please keep in mind that its only the 13th of the month )

Running out of money; food; dog food; bills I cannot pay.

My headache returning; shoot, the list is long.

15. I'm listening to... The sound of the oscillating fan in my Study.

16. I'm wearing... Tee-shirt; walking shorts; and slippers; plus, glasses.

17. I wish I was in... 1) A continued state of 'no pain';2)financial security;3) in my

pajamas; or) all duded-up, and with dog, Daisy, on the Orient

Express,drinking coffee, and smoking Balkan Sobranies.

18. I'm craving... Something really good to eat, that in no way do I have to prepare.

19. I want to get... 1) A really, really nice nap after lunch;2) the 'where-withall to

really fix up my home, and have it thoroughly cleaned;3) more,

weird, period clothes from the last century.

20. I can... 1) Be a friend who doesn't blab secrets; a willing ear, and open mind.;2)

Be sweet as pie, or--as may be needed--a rolling bitch from Hell.

21. I can't... 1) Do 1/100ths the things I used to do without effort;2) Overcome

my Agoraphobia sufficiently to even make it to the mailbox;3) Give to

Daisy, the things she really needs to make her comfortable.

22. I have... 1) The usual, 50 aches and pains; 2)An open ear;3) A large degree of

patience and tolerance, except for major assholes.

23. I haven't... 1)Eaten lunch, yet, but am starving;2) filled a tenth of my 'bucket'

list;3) sifted through a zillion boxes of belongings that I need to


24. I'm nervous to... If you mean: 'I'm too nervous to: the answer is do a LOT of

things; after all, I've been inside the house for more than a


25. My significant other thinks I'm... such creature.

26. My doctor thinks I'm... Either 'faking' it, or hypochondriacal, but then, what does

HE know ?

27. I think I'm... Doomed to live a shadowed, lonely, sicker life until I croak.

28. I'm happy when... 1) I see others who are genuinely happy; 2) Any time I may prove

to be of some help to another;3) When Daisy smiles at me.

29. I'm sad when... I stop to consider how very differently my life turned out;

certainly more than I could have ever known. Plus, extreme

and prolonged bouts of excruciating pain just BITES.

30. I like eating...1) When I'm hungry;2) with a couple of really good friends;3)at

some fancy place with linen tablecloths, and napkins; remember

those ?

31. I hate eating... Late, and by myself, but hey, that's destiny for you.

32. I love watching... 1) Happy friends;2)Pretty clouds;3)Videos that make me laugh.

33. I love listening to... Blissful, soothing music;2)those machines that block noise.

Oh yea, and kind, adult conversation.

34. I like playing... The 'role' of the 'wounded Intellect. Not interested in games.

35. I hate waking up to... 1) Too early;2) early doctor's appointments;3)excessive

neigborhood noise;4)basically, a day no different from the

one before;5) Boredom, but will take boredom over pain

any day.

36. I can see... Not very much changing. Ho-hum.

37. I'm glad that... 1)I have friends, both here, and at MDJ;2)the house is paid for.

38. I'm disappointed that... 1) Neighbors promise to go shopping for me, then don't;2)

my income is SO low, that I can hardly see the

underbelly of poverty.

39. I look like... Shit ? I dunno, maybe a little like an older Orson Welles: he

should be so lucky.

40. I wish I looked like... w-e-l-l...more like that photograph of me when I was 25.

actually, I really don't want to look like anyone other Oh...sure...I wouldn't mind dropping about 100

pounds; taking about thirty years off my odometer, not to

mention the inevitability of grey/white hair.

Gosh, 'silver', you pose the most difficult questions. Take care, my friend. Oh and BTW, what are YOUR answers ? After all, it only fair.

04/13/2012 06:20 PM
Posts: 995

1. I love... summers, warm weather and my children

2. Right now I want... food...I am hungry

3. I feel like...I am happy

4. I hate it when... we have bad storms here

5. I fear... not having money

6. I'm lonely without... My family

7. I get back in shape

8. Today I...Got up late and made a shephards pie

9. Tomorrow I'm...doing bookkeeping

10. I just... saw my team score Laughing

11. I want to meet...Mike Bossy

12. I'm hungry for...Pizza

13. I love it when...We sleep in the camper

14. I'm afraid of...fear

15. I'm listening game

16. I'm wearing...sweater and jeans

17. I wish I was in...Flordia or Hawaii

18. I'm craving...Pizza

19. I want to get..a job

20. I can...give attitude Laughing

21. I can't...sing well

22. I have... three cats

23. I haven't...learned to drive a stick yet

24. I'm nervous to... leave

25. My significant other thinks I'

26. My doctor thinks I'm...Funny

27. I think I'm...tryin'

28. I'm happy when...I do something to get ahead

29. I'm sad when... My family/friends are sad

30. I like

31. I hate eating...brocolli

32. I love

33. I love listening laughing

34. I like playing...ball hockey

35. I hate waking up to... early

36. I can see...without glasses?

37. I'm glad that...things seem more normal here again

38. I'm disappointed that...I didn't paint today

39. I look like...Me

40. I wish I looked like...I am happy as me

04/13/2012 06:38 PM
Posts: 1088
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1. I love... creativity

2. Right now I want... sexual healing

3. I feel like... a human

4. I hate it when... depression hits hard

5. I fear... many things

6. I'm lonely without... intimacy

7. I need... love

8. Today I... failed

9. Tomorrow I'm... going to school...yay!

10. I just... ate

11. I want to meet... my maker one day

12. I'm hungry for... chocolate...usually

13. I love it when... my love rubs my back or cuddles next to me

14. I'm afraid of... social interactions + confrontations

15. I'm listening to... old music on my ipod today

16. I'm wearing... pjs

17. I wish I was in... california

18. I'm craving... sex

19. I want to get... young again

20. I can... overcome

21. I can't... give up

22. I have... 4 angels

23. I haven't... learned to swim properly

24. I'm nervous to... speak

25. My significant other thinks I'm... pretty

26. My doctor thinks I'm... gonna be okay...

27. I think I'm... an epic failure at life

28. I'm happy when... im having fun listening to music with my kids

29. I'm sad when... they visit their dad for the weekend...

30. I like eating... pasta at olive garden

31. I hate eating... greasy foods

32. I love watching... who big bang theory etc...

33. I love listening to... motown

34. I like playing... board games

35. I hate waking up to... being alone when i was not alone when i fell asleep...

36. I can see... no hope 4 future but i hope to soon...

37. I'm glad that... i got out of an abusive relationship

38. I'm disappointed that... relationships sometimes fail no matter how hard we try

39. I look like... someone i dont want to look at

40. I wish I looked like... my younger self

04/13/2012 07:31 PM
Posts: 825

1. I love my husband.

2. Right now I want to eat tons of junk food.

3. I feel like sh*t

4. I hate it when I fail.

5. I fear my dad getting sicker.

6. I'm lonely without my dogs and my husband.

7. I need a new pair of boobs.

8. Today I slept all day

9. Tomorrow I'm working 16 hours.

10. I just made coffee

11. I want to meet Sam Waterston

12. I'm hungry for every unhealthy food in the book.

13. I love it when it rains.

14. I'm afraid of my older dog dying.

15. I'm listening to Massive Attack

16. I'm wearing sweats and slippers.

17. I wish I was in my bathtub.

18. I'm craving donuts, chocolate, cheeseburgers.

19. I want to get more plants for my patio.

20. I can bake.

21. I can't sing.

22. I have traveled all over the world.

23. I haven't done anything I am proud of.

24. I'm nervous to see anyone outside my household.

25. My significant other thinks I'm great (I have no idea why).

26. My doctor thinks I'm wonderful for paying him all that money!

27. I think I'm a useless slob.

28. I'm happy when I'm reading a good book.

29. I'm sad when I think of my past.

30. I like eating salad.

31. I hate eating meat.

32. I love watching a good movie at home.

33. I love listening to Bach.

34. I like playing procrastination.

35. I hate waking up to a panic attack.

36. I can see moving in a year or so.

37. I'm glad that I met my husband.

38. I'm disappointed that...

39. I look like crap.

40. I wish I looked like a non-crappy looking person.


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